I'm really into body art. Started getting piercings and tattoos when I turned 18 and, at 22, I'm fairly well decorated, with full sleeves on both arms and random tattoos on my side. I recently moved to Seattle and went to a new tattoo shop to check it out. I was looking to get a tattoo of the playboy bunny above my vagina. I'd never been tattooed near my privates, so this was going to be a first.

The first artist I met at the shop was a woman who said, "Uh, we have to know someone really well to tattoo around cocks and pussies." I took that as a "No" and left. I went back a few days later and there were a couple of male artists there. I asked them if they would do it, and one of the guys (Dan) said "Sure." They had a chair in the back of the building with a curtain set up for privacy. We set an appointment for a few days later.

On the big day I went into the back and dropped my skirt and panties. I had just gotten waxed so my vay jay jay was smooth. Dan gave me a look and complimented me on my lady lips. He then brought out the stencil, and asked where exactly I wanted the tattoo. His hand brushed a little across my clit and it was nice. He was also attractive, and I liked his attention. I decided that I wanted to have the design a little smaller than what he prepared, so he went to make some adjustments. While he was gone a couple of other artists, both male and female, came by to say hello and chat, but I think they just wanted to look at pussy, because I saw where their eyes went. Again, the attention was a turn-on.

Dan came back and I liked what he came up with. We talked about price, and I was fine with it, but asked if I could get a discount if I gave him a "warm up." He looked puzzled, so I just said, "I'll fuck you." He said ok, and unbuckled his belt like a guy about to get his first piece.

It was really funny and fun, but the other employees came back to watch when they knew what was going down. It was arousing to be putting on a show. Dan was a good screw too, got me off twice before he came.

We took a break and then I got tattooed, all while having a vag full of Dan's DNA.

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  • Had a male friend do my tattoo, I’m female lol. Went in and said I want it here, then made him shave me. He shaved my whole pussy, then licked it, then put his initials in my tattoo!

  • Lets see it 😂😂

  • Ahh,the classic playboy bunny.
    Nothing screams s l a g more than that!
    Very trashy tattoo,id be super turned off by a woman with a playboy bunny,makes me think she's unimaginative and just scummy

  • I rented a space to a Tat shop. That guy saw more T & A than a Dr. I still don't want his job as I have seen some pretty hideous people go in his shop. Once he was closed and a girl came to my side of the store looking for him as she was having a problem with her nipple piercing. Told her I didnt know when he would be back and she asked me if I could help her get the ball screwed back on it and immediatly lifted up her shirt. Huge titties! I got it back on and she said where do we go? I asked for what. She said I want to thank you. I declined and she said well how about a quick BJ. I told her thanks but no because I'm married.

  • Thats fucking hot

  • Check that you don't have the jack obviously he does it quite a lot

  • Nice!

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