On a whim

My wife and I have been married for 23 years. We were 18 when we got married, we already had a 2 year old by then. Highschool pregnancies are hard, if anyone was wondering. We had 2 more children after we got married. Now were are both early 40s and our youngest just left for college.

My wife still has a killer body, me not so much. I have the dad bod go on, my wife works out and stays in great shape. So anyway, we decided to go to Vegas now that the kids are gone. Talk about abandoned, that place is a ghost town due to COVID. Nonetheless, we went anyway.

As we walked the strip, I noticed a sign in a closed tattoo parlor window that said call for questioning or appointment. I never gave much thought but my wife quickly pulled out her phone and called the number. She told the guy who answered that she wanted a tattoo. He gave her an address and we proceeded to that location.

The guy had a tattoo shop setup in his basement. He took us to where the art work was hanging on the wall and told her to pick. She couldn't decide and asked the guy if he does piercings. Obviously he did. So she asked if he would pierce her nipples.

I was kind of shocked, as I didn't expect that. How did we go from a small tattoo on her ankle to pierced nipples. Didn't matter, because as soon as he said yes, my wife pulled off her shirt and bra exposing her breasts. I watched as this strange man with tattoos all over, handled my wifes tits.

I have to admit, it turned me on. I kinda get why people have the cuckold fetish now.

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  • My wife was going through some midlife crisis. Her and her friends decided to go on a girl's night out for the weekend. When they returned, they all had their clits pierced. Then I found out some young "cute" guy had done it for them. My wife thought it was no big deal for another guy to handle her pussy, because as she says "it wasn't sexual".
    Then about a month after, I finds out from one of my wife's friends that she actually fucked the guy who pierced her clit. She finally confessed that when he pierced her clit, she got so horny that she begged this guy to fuck her. My wife still acts like it was no big deal because it was "only sex", nothing else. I forgave her, but 6 months later I stepped out on her with a girl I met on company conference week. This girl works for our parents company in Atlanta and she was flirting with me. I invited her to dinner with the rest of my colleagues and she ended up back at my hotel room. I normally would have ignored her, but after what my wife did, I willingly took her to my room and fucked her. Oh don't worry wife, it was "only sex".

  • I like your story but the only problem is that in Las Vegas houses don’t have basement

  • I lived in Vegas with my aunt when I was younger and her house had a basement.

  • When my wife got her first tattoo just above her pussy, I got so horny watching his hands on her that I offered him having sex with her instead of money. He agreed and I watched him fuck her and after he came inside her I got my first but not last sloppy seconds. My wife now has seven tattoos all paid for by her spreading her legs for different guys.

  • I have shared myself f****** wife videos to my colleagues and friends. I ensure that these videos do not show our faces. Just pass over to them as downloaded from the net. Once in office I played one such video of me and wife in the action and got a thrill hearing their raw comments. One colleague commented that the body language of the man in the p*** seems to be yours and I retorted saying that I would be the happiest man to f*** such a gorgeous lady with big b**** and butts and would also like to lick her p**** and c** in her and all had a good laugh. Another friend commented about her big b**** and brown hairy p**** as juicy and w**** hole. Other one commented he fill f*** her all holes the whole day if given a chance. But surprising one colleague who knows my wife came to me when I was alone and told he knew that videos were made by me and the woman in it is your wife. I just told him that is your fantasy just to save my face. That day I f***** my wife with much vigor thinking of my colleagues comments. See at

  • I knew there was something to the cuck thing when I watched my wife be examined by the doctor shortly after we married. She shoved his fingers into her so high she gasped for air and I got instantly hard. Then, after the babies were older she got a breast augmentation. I went with her to the doctor and she sat there too less as he squeezed her tits and pulled her nipples, again instantly hard. On her post op check ups again he squeezed them and felt her nipples and instantly hard. I noticed he was, too. I always make a point to go to doctor appointments where I know she’ll be fondled or fingered.

  • Yeh all doctors fondle and rape patients.

  • It's the nipple post revived again.

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