If she won't...

I work Monday thru Friday. Work hard. Sleep hard. Been married 15 years. Wife and I don't have sex much anymore. Maybe once or twice a month. Not due to a lack of be being chivalrous or a good person or charming. She just always has a reason why not.

Last night, I said, "How about you go get a shower and when you get out I'll get the lotion and massage you. She said, "You don't have to." I said, "I know I don't. Just want to do something nice. Rub you down. Have a little naked fun." She said, "My stomach hurts. Maybe tomorrow." Heard that plenty. Maybe tomorrow. Just a nice way of saying no.

So it was about 1 am. My neighbor texts me. "What's up man?" I said, "Not much. You?" He said, "Just chilling." I said, "Another night of me holding my cock." He said, "Wife not give it up?" I said, "She gave it up. Just not to me." He said, "Oh wow. You catch her doing it?" I said, "Yes and no." He said, "Explain." I said, "She was just wearing a tshirt. Cum still coming out of her pussy." He said, "You know who?" I said, "Probably her friend." He said, "Shit dude. Sorry." I said, "Oh I don't mind. Least she's horny at all." He said, "You wanna come over?" I said, "And do what? Too late for any football." He said, "Get naked. Suck each other off. Maybe I get to have some of that ass of yours." I said, "I'm not gay." He said, "You aren't?" I said, "Well that's what my wife thinks. I'll be over in a few."

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  • I'm ready to go the same route. I'd gladly take some cocks at this point

  • I out up with that shit from my Ex for way to long. I should have kicked her spoiled ass to the curb years earlier.

  • I never identified as bi sexual but while I was attending college an interesting thing happened while having sex. I do not remember what led up to it but there were more women than men and a party turned into a sex fest, at that time in my life it was a awesome. I was getting sucked on and had a woman on my face and at one point was in a 69 with a woman and another still taking turns sucking me. I was still enjoying my cock being sucked on while licking a woman and thought there was more than one mouth pleasuring my cock, the woman raised up her hips after her orgasm and I looked down to see both a man and woman sucking on me. He could swallow my whole cock which was feeling awesome but I just would have never thought to do it. He ended up being the one to suck me to orgasm that time and swallowed me down, it was a great orgasm because I think he knew what felt great.

  • I’ve only gotten to see my bf suck cock once. It was REALLY hot. The guy totally forced him. Out of my mouth in to his. I came watching

  • So was the guy forcing you at first then went over to your BF?

  • He wasn’t forcing me, I was gladly sucking. He forced my bf though. Put it in his ass and everything. It was so hot.

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