My wife and I have been married for several years. We are middle aged and our sexlife had kind of dried up a little bit. To spice things up, I asked my wife to get her nipples pierced. Being 43 years old, she thought she was way past her prime for doing such a thing. Considering her breast still sit where they are supposed to, I disagreed with her. I asked her for several months to get it done and each time she said no.

So our anniversary came up and we decided to go out on the town. Dinner, dancing, and drinking. My wife got a little drunk and was feeling extra frisky. I casually mentioned that now would have been a good time for her to get her nipples pierced. I never intended for her to say yes, but she did. We left the club and headed for the tattoo shop. I watched as my wife pulled her shirt and bra off. Then I watched as his big biker looked guy handled my wife's tits. It was extremely arousing and my dick was rock hard. I've never been a cuck but for some reason the thought of his guy fucking my wife was turning me on.

When he finished she turned to me with a smile and asked how I liked them. I loved them, telling her that her tits looked beautiful as ever. Shocking she asked if she should get her clit pierced too. I hadn't ever thought about that and was shocked she even brought it up. I told her it was up to her, but inside I screaming YES. The thought of this guy now handling my wife's pussy was racing through my head.

My wife stood up and removed her pants and panties. She sat in a different chair with braces for her legs to sit in. Her vagina was now on full display as she sat almost completely naked in front of this biker guy. I have to admit he was very professional. He had a job to do and never once let a complete naked beautiful woman distract him. He spread her lips and took my wife's clit in the clamps. He had already prepared the needle and with one quick stroke he pushed the needle through her clit. I'm sure it probably wasn't exactly through her clit, but the ring now rested on her clit. I was so horny from this guy handling my wife's tits and pussy that I couldn't wait to get home and fuck her. We had sex like we were teenagers again.

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  • Breasts are sacred to me, and having anything done to them is an immediate turn off! That goes for piercings, tattoos, or anything else to disfigure a breast. I want to enjoy the view of natural, unblemished, boobs.

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