Watching my neighbor

I am retired, widowed and live in a fairly nice neighborhood, been here for about 35 years now. The house behind me recently, like within the last year, had a young couple move in and they seem nice but other then a few hellos and waves we do not talk. I was sitting in my living room which faces their house and as I got up to go into the kitchen I noticed her in the upper window topless, I think that is their bedroom. I walked over closer to my window and sure enough I could only see her down to her shoulders now but it was her.
I walked upstairs to the back bedroom and looked out the window, there she was completely naked doing something with her hair in a mirror I guess. Her husband walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her playing with her breasts and then she turned around kissing him and they worked their way over to the bed. I watched as he made love to her wishing like hell I had a woman like that again because she is a looker for sure.
I was hooked now and found myself looking over there quite often and a lot of the times I would see the both of them naked, I have been leaving the lights off in my room and using some binoculars to see better. I know it is a little perverted of me to watch them but is it really bad of me to do so? I mean they have really sheer curtains that most of time are not pulled all the way closed, they have to know that they are visible to people from outside their house. I now know their schedule pretty well and find myself up early most mornings to watch her get ready for work. She stands in front of something maybe six feet or so away from the windows and does her makeup and hair for about thirty minutes every day and she is almost always naked and sometimes plays with her breasts as well holding them up with her hands, turning sideways to check herself out. I have even seen her grasp both her nipples and pull her breasts outward and jiggle them, not sure why she would do that but it sure made my morning.
I have watched the two of them have sex in just about every position I could imagine and sometimes she will have him sit on the edge of the bed and she kneels down in front of him and sucks, he sometimes gathers her hair up in his hand and pulled on it.
They are quite the adventurous couple but last weekend blew my mind beyond my wildest dreams, I had seen them on the lower floor entertaining a few guests. Later on in the evening I figured after the entertaining was over I would see them up in their room. I was sitting there waiting when the room lit up, it was my neighbor and another woman and I watched for a few minutes as they just sort of stood there talking then the other woman got closer to her and they started kissing. I about fell out of my chair watching the two of them with their arms wrapped around each other kissing deeply, it took several minutes but soon they were on the bed intwined and their hands were now roaming each others bodies.
Clothes started coming off and I watched for the next hour or so as they moved around in various positions pleasuring each other, I was so turned on watching them that I had to releive myself. I had never seen two women make love before and it was a specticle to behold for sure and I hope it happens again.

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  • You lucky lucky man, dam wish I had neighbors like that

  • Wife and I are nudist and have quite a few nudist friends over for parties. We just have never practiced closing blinds after a while it was just a pain in the ass as big as the windows are. Frankly I like people seeing my wife naked. After this many years she doesn't even give it a thought to close the blinds even if friends are over. If it cheers someone up to see naked women in our house then all the better.

  • I didn’t realize you could see in our bedroom window from the neighbors. One morning I was waking my husband with a blow job, and looked up to see the neighbor staring at us. He looked a little embarrassed like he expected me to start screaming. But I just got really in to it and gave him a show.

  • How good is that, I live in a condo on the sixth floor corner unit so I overlook numerous other block units, I have a high powered telescope and do I get to see some sexy scenes every night, for example 2 separate girls do dogs, 4 lesbian couples 2 gay guys (don't like watching them) 3 couples that swing oh boy they are good sometimes with 2 other couples, the rest just cross dress, masturbate or fuck all different ways, I am thinking of getting a scope where I can take photos just for fun, none appear to worry probably don't even consider being watched, most leave the curtains open and lights on I have even seen some fuck on their balcony best being one couple where she often rests naked against the rail with bum out and he mounts while she watches the city lights, have fun Buddy.

  • Record it all and post it to hamster or other sites.

  • Great read.

  • Get a good camera with tripod and film them...let them know you have it on memory sticks....see what happens

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