I been having few problems with wife last year she works in city and stay with family only come see me weekend but cus vires only see 1 weekend in 2 months well i have a home help to do things and we normaly sit chat have smoke and been getting on well she know about my wife and she told me about her x who knocked her about put down so hated men well i been saying she has nice body not skiny not fat about size 12 and i said i love see naked so could give real review well she said no and laughted saying i be ill so we just joked about well other day she finn house work and we was sitting having smoke and she looked at me and said i miss hugs can she sit my lap and get hug so i said sure then she not been on lap long and started kissing me well soon she stood up saying im good kisser and made her horny how fancy sex and she walked to bed room i thourght she joking but got up to follow and as walked in bedroom she was topless and taking bottoms of telling me now to get beside and strip to so as i moved around bottom bed looked at her now lieing there legs spread rubbing her self i thourght i must be dreaming but soon there we was sucking each other fondling kissing and soon fucking thourght she say stop at any time but no keeped wanting more went on few hours i had hold back stop myself releasing and what a blow job and tease sweet pussy to suck on and tight pussy we did stop few time have smoke drink but she said dont get dressed she not finnished with me this went on for about 5 hours and she reckon had 10 orgasms but me only the one and what a orgasm that was after holding back so long she said was a one off but later texed me saying might have be monthley thing as enjoyed

3 months ago

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    • Makes no sense dumb story

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