Wife doesn’t remember swap

This past Saturday my wife and I got a room at a resort in a town an hour away. We were in the hot tub with another couple our age we met there at were drinking heavily. My wife and I were drunk, she was swaying in her walking but speaking very clearly so I figured she was okay. When the man took off his wife’s top in the hot tub as they made out I started kissing my wife and took off her top as well. Ended up with the wives both completely naked and they were kissing each other, this is a first for my wife and I, she’s never kissed a woman or expressed interest in it. The other woman fingered my wife as they made out heavily and me and the other guy watched. A security guard came around and told us to knock it off and the women put their suits back on and the other guy invited us to their room.
In the room me and the other guy made drinks while the women were on the balcony. When we got out with them they had their lips locked again and her hand was in my wife’s bikini bottom. They stopped and drank with us then the guy took out a joint. We haven’t smoked pot in maybe 15 years and we drunkenly smoked it with them. I was really high and drunk and so was my wife. The other couple was making out and she started giving him head.
My wife and I started kissing and then the other woman came to us and started threeway kissing us and reach into my trunks and was playing with my junk. She took my penis out and my wife and her sucked me. I was in total bliss. The other guy came up behind them and he took out his junk and his wife was going down on him, but I didn’t want for my wife to give him head. She was sucking me then the other woman put her hand on my wife’s cheek and turned her head to face the other guy who’s dick was in her face and she started sucking his dick and the other wife was sucking mine. They switched and took turns going back and forth. It was amazing but I was very jealous and aroused.
The other woman took my hand and my wife’s and walked us inside and started making out with me on the bed with my wife laying down beside me. She climbed on top of me and the guy handed over a condom and she put it on me and started riding me. My wife was kissing me while she rode me and the other guy was behind my wife feeling her up, then he was doing her from behind as she was on all fours kissing me and the other woman riding me. It was crazy and only lasted a few minutes before he came and I came. The naked wives then made out and fingered each other as we watched. We left and I was very jealous and somewhat upset yet turned on by what happened.
The next morning my wife said she only remembers the hot tub then going up to their room. She sort of remembers the wife and her giving me head, and she was pissed off and jealous and not happy that I got head from the other woman even though she doesn’t blame me since she went along with it an me knows I didn’t initiate it. But, she doesn’t remember anything else. Not sure how to tell her the whole truth. We both did things we never thought we would and are both jealous and yet turned on by it all. It’s been 5 days now, I think I waited too long and shouldn’t tell her. But she should know she had sex with the other guy and I had sex with the woman. She doesn’t remember giving him head.

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  • Swapping and swinging isn't for everyone. I've seen some pretty bad outcomes for people that had fantasies of doing it and experimented. As bad as I wanted my wife to fuck another guy she said it would kill her inside. So I let it stay a fantasy and respect what she told me. I'm past it now and don't want anyone else to have her lady parts.

  • Sounds like it wants to run over a greenie

  • She's pissed you got sucked by someone else. You are jealous yourself. Chalk it up to you found things out about yourselves so let this dog lie. Just let it go man.

  • It might be best that she doesn't remember much, so I wouldn't say much about it. Shit happens when people drink. I remember one of my ex-gf's and I getting smashed once and I let one of my friends fuck her. She barely remembered it and never would have done it sober. I got jealous watching my friend fuck her too, as he liked it too much. I kinda wanted to smash his head in, even when I was drunk.

  • My wife doesn't remember alot of the men who fucked her sometimes she was so drunk that didn't know how many either

  • My husband introduced me into swapping. I divorced him,and moved in with the couple we swapped with. I was their live in nanny, I watched their kids, and had group gangbangs afterwards. And I get paid very well

  • You know you want more of this so go do it. I think what scares you and the wife is how much you both enjoyed it. Next time you will make out with the hubby and suck dick and perhaps take his cock too. I bet you think about that evening and wank don’t you??

  • I would tell her. As a wife I’d want to know what happened to my body. She’ll be more mad when she finds out you hid the truth from her, and she will find out eventually. That’s how secrets work. Just be honest and explain why you haven’t told her and she’ll get over the anger she might have about it quickly.

  • We talked last night, about two hours of talking. She knows everything, we cried and then agreed it happened and in the moment we were both into it and let it happen. She agreed that when she and the other woman were both going down on me she was jealous and still turned on and she could have stopped right there but she was into it. I apologized and she apologized then we made love. This morning we were avoiding eye contact, out of shame, I took her by the hand and then kissed and hugged her and told her it was crazy and we went too far, but it’s done and I love her and she shouldn’t feel shame r embarrassment. She looked at me in th eyes and agreed.

  • The awkwardness will pass and talking to her in the morning like that was fantastic! She’ll feel insecure and ashamed, but your support will help her through that.

    My husband and I discussed if we could ever do that and after 20 years together, we know we couldn’t. I’d be a wreck and probably bitch-slap the girl for touching him. 😬 and there would be jealousy involved. I don’t see how most of these relationships work but I’m old school now. (God that hurts to say!). You two did something and it’s done and I have a feeling you will assure sure that it doesn’t change how you feel. She needs to hear that often for a bit but in a way that doesn’t bring it up. Women are complicated.

  • Thanks for the advice.

  • Listen. This is a positive thing in the sense that you both now know you want to remain monogamous as a couple and will be closer and stronger as a result.

  • YIKES. Should of told her but now its too late and you'll look like you're trying to hide something.

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