My young Gardener

I am a 62 year old widower, I lost my wife in 2016. In 2017 I employed a young gardener who came to my house looking for some after-school work to earn some pocket money. He started that early spring and worked well and after he had done his chores we talked and shared a beer together.
We got quite close and during that winter when there was not much gardening to do and he would come round and we would just chat or watch tv. Then after that Christmas I realised that I was falling in love with him and that was due to his personality and the fact that he looked like a girl, tall slim pretty and wore his blond hair long even down to his shoulders.
I suppressed my feelings all that winter, then one day in may last year he hurt himself in the garden and came in and told me and I automatically took him in my arms and cuddled him, I wanted to kiss him so badly but I resisted, but he stayed in my arms for longer than I expected and I was sure he liked it.
It got to July and I'd been watching him in the garden on that long hot summer Sunday from my bedroom window, he looked adorable out there in his little tight shorts and young fit body, I felt so aroused in my PJ's.
When he came in I quickly went down stairs and found him standing at the sink having a drink. On impulse I went up behind him and started to massage his shoulders, as I touched him I was overcome with feelings and I pushed up close so he could feel my erection, he didn't move away, I kissed him and pushed even closer, I could feel his little bottom against my erection, he turned his face to me and we started kissing each other, I felt his tongue in my mouth wriggling around, I pulled his shorts down and also my PJ's and we were naked, he was aroused as well, a long slim erection hard as a stick. I held his hand and we went to my bedroom.
I laid him back on my bed kissing each other as we laid down together. We were caressing each other and I told him I loved him, he felt gorgeous in my arms, I loved the little hairs around his erection, so soft and I was so aroused. He pushed me over on my back and climbed on top, pulled my erection against his bottom, I couldn't believe it as I found myself entering his anus and we were making love. He was so frisky, I couldn't hold back any longer and spent myself into his bottom while he masturbated over my stomach. Then we got into bed together kissing and I whispered sweet silly things in his ear while I caressed his lovely body and before long we were at it again, but this time I was on top and pulled his legs up round my hips and entered him, it was like making love to a young girl, so tight and so much kissing and I had such a feeling of love as I spent myself inside him again.
We are now lovers and most times when he is around here we go to bed together, a lot of kissing, cuddling and making love. I realise that of course he will find someone else one day but while he still comes around I will love him.

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  • Back to the top. It turns me on to think he must know his penis will never be used for it’s intended purpose. That his main sex organ is, and always will be his ass. That penis is very much just a clit. I know it turns me on.

  • I love sucking it, it is thin and very stiff, he loves to make it cum over my hairy belly. When he has cum inti my throat its almost as sweet as honey so pure, white and thick. He is my little girl now, I just love him in his little white knickers and bra, so very cute and feminine and he adores my penis and my penis adores his little tight bum.

  • Getting hard to read, back to the top.
    Knowing he’ll aleays be an effeminate flower, taking the female role. Passive, never to be a man

  • I’m getting really turned on....
    Picturing him working in that garden, tight, short, faded denim shorts, a bikini top, that long, blonde, full, feminine hair pulled into a pony tail, subtle eye makeup, just a little red lipstick....mmmmm

  • He is delicious, so horny and so nubile, I love kissing him as he has such gorgeous pouting lips and I have had him wear sexy nylon panties and seeing him wearing them is so arousing and I am still amazed at how well he takes my manhood inside him, but I love him and I am so careful with him. I really think he sees me as a father figure, but I don't mind that as long as we are making love together.

  • And each time you unload in him, you’re marking him forever as your property. Please, go on

  • Thank you for your appreciation! Well, Jeremy has just gone after spending the afternoon and early evening in bed with me. When he arrived he looked gorgeous, young, fit and very sexy. We stood in the hallway kissing and cuddling when he first arrived, I could feel his erection in his jogger bottoms as I held him close and I know he could feel that I was aroused as I was only wearing my robe under which I was totally naked. I felt his fingers close over my penis as we kissed, our tongues exploring each others mouths. He caressed my testicles, I was in bliss.
    "Lets go to bed" I said "I want to make love to you desperately" and we hurried upstairs. He stripped off, Oh! he looked beautiful, that fit body with a very hard erection and lovely little testicles. I knelt down in front of him guiding his penis into my mouth, kissing its head, pushing its foreskin back with my lips as I took his gorgeous penis deep into my mouth. Suddenly he moaned out loud and pumped his semen into my mouth, I sucked hard and felt the spurting going down my throat as I swallowed his love juice.
    I expected him at that point to say he was done, but no, I watched him climb into my bed and beckon me to join him. I was so aroused, my penis was jerking with excitement as I lay down beside him, and I could feel he was still aroused. We lay there caressing each others penises and kissing deep passionate kisses. I caressed his bottom and pulled him in close, I felt his thighs close around my penis, this was so loving.
    After a while of kissing and caressing, he whispered "fuck me now James I want you in me". I laid him on his back, he spread his legs, I lifted his hips drawing his lovely bottom up to my erection and entered him. He felt hot down there, I felt myself thrusting gently as I wanted it to last "Oooooh! James, Oooooh! James" he squealed "I can feel all of your penis its so sexy" he whispered " I do love what you do to me" and that was it, I could not wait my seed flowed into him.

  • I love this description. I’ve read it multiple times. Please tell me.

  • Jeremy won't be coming over until Wednesday and he and I have arranged something special to enjoy. He would like a selection of girly clothes to put on in future so he can feel like a girl when we make love together. I was so excited when he told me and so I measured him and tomorrow I'm going into town to buy a couple of outfits for him to change into when he gets here. I am so looking forward to seeing him dressed like that and I will tell you how we get on together by post after he leaves. In the meantime if you would like I will tell you what I bought in a post tomorrow. Tell me.

  • I would love to know

  • I've just got home and have had a exciting time buying Jeremy sexy items for tomorrow.
    I went to the Debenhams store and visited the teenage department, they were very helpful and thank goodness I had the measurements. I selected two pairs of white nylon knickers, two pairs of little white cotton socks a bra and a silky pleated party skirt (like a school one but softer and more full) and a white blouse. Then I went to a shoe shop and bought a pair of white strappy sandals with about a three inch heel, not to high.
    After that I went and had lunch and on the way I had passed an Ann Summers shop with many sexy things. Over lunch I decided to go there and wow! I couldn't resist a baby doll negligee set including panties, it looked like they were designed for a honeymoon!!! I bought them and found myself shaking as I paid the assistant.
    Now I'm home I have laid them all out on my bed, I do hope he likes what I've bought and I can't wait until he calls in after school tomorrow.

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm his asspussy is going to get a good fucking when he wears that

  • The only hard part will be letting him enjoy wearing it. Would be hard to wait once he’s dressed

  • Every time Jeremy has arranged a visit I have terrible misgivings that he will not turn up. But tonight there he was looking beautiful standing in my doorway again. We kissed and cuddled, it was so very wonderful, I felt so lucky! Jeremy asked me if I had bought the things he wanted, I said I had and they were on the bed. He kissed me, feeling inside my robe and caressing my erection. "Please let me go and change and wait for me down here" he pleaded.
    He raced upstairs and was up there for what seemed like ages to me, then I heard him on the stairs. I sat on the settee, he came to the door, I was trembling, he looked fantastic, his long slim legs, with his little white socks and high heels. He had put on the skirt, bra and blouse I bought him and he had ruffled his hair in a very sexy way.
    He minced into the room, "do you love me like this James" I could hardly utter the words "I think your beautiful darling, please come over here", "please wait daddy while I show off to you I really want to turn you on" he said and off he wiggled around the room! I was so very aroused, I was nearly cumming in my robe, then he walked over to me, sat astride my legs and kissed me whilst lifting his skirt and pulling me robe apart.
    I could feel his erection in his panties rubbing against my own naked erection "oooooh! you are naughty daddy" he whispered as he pulled his erection out of his panties and started masturbating, "ooooh! daddy I love your hairy body and your love rod" he squeaked and got very excited, "do you want to fuck your little girl again, take her into your bed and pull her panties down and put your love rod inside her". We were then kissing passionately, furiously, I could feel juice leaking from his penis as I held it and we went upstairs . I took his shoes, skirt and blouse off and we got into bed, within moments I pulled his knickers off and I was inside him, thrusting and kissing and caressing, as my love juice pumped inside him.

  • This confession has kept me turned on for a couple days. Would love to hear more...much more

  • Well, Jeremy and I are real lovers now and I still cannot believe how lucky I am as he is so very affectionate to me. He has now spent two nights at my home after telling his mother he was staying at a friends place. I love having him in my bed, loving him, feeling his body against mine, kissing and caressing each other. Jeremy adores my manhood, likes to feel it between his cheeks as we go to sleep, he is very sexy.
    I am so pleased he likes dressing as a girl, it suits him and he teases me, it is so sensual. He loves us to be in bed when he is wearing a baby doll nighty, wrapping his legs around me and pulling his bum up to my erection, then I tease him, just letting my penis tickle his anus hole but not entering him until he is screaming for me to fuck him, kissing me, licking my face in desperation and then I gently take him, pushing my erection inside him while he bucks and wiggles beneath me.
    I love Jeremy dearly, I love to fill him with my seed, feeling him gripping me as we make love, feeling him cum over my belly as his erection rubs beneath us as we passionately kiss each other to a climax. He is beautiful, I love him so, I desire him 24/7, my lovely Jeremy.

  • We were nearly caught making love the other day!!! Jeremy had arrived and went upstairs and changed into his girly attire and I was in the kitchen making drinks for us. Well, Jeremy came down dressed wearing a little flouncy prom dress and started teasing me, I chased him into the lounge and became so aroused by the sight of this little dress wafting up showing his floaty petticoat and knickers and his lovely young bottom, that I stripped naked, caught him, threw him on the settee and while I was kissing him, pulling his legs around me I pushed my erection into him. We were humping away when we heard a knock at the front door, we were in to much bliss to stop, kissing and thrusting. Then shock upon shock there was a knock at the window and it was my decorator and I had forgotten he was coming over to deliver his stuff. Well, the lace curtains prevented him seeing everything, then he disappeared and started knocking my front door again. I withdrew my penis, straightened Jeremy's knickers and while Jeremy rushed upstairs, I dressed and sorted the decorator out. He did give me a quizzical look but maybe that was my guilty conscience!!
    Needless to say but after he left his stuff Jeremy and I relaxed, had our drinks and retired to bed. He is so randy and delicious.

  • R u wanking thinking of yung boyz?

  • Teen yes

  • Mmmmmmmmm nice hard cocks

  • Mmmm yes.

  • Love to find a young boy to wank for me, watch him stroke his lovely hard cock

  • Spread his cheeks, be my gurl

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmm put him in frilly knickers andfuck him like a girl, my hand in the front of his knickers wanking him, no hair on his dick

  • I was thinking of putting him in a girls one piece swim suit

  • Take him swimming then after to the showers , cum in his mouth and fuck him

  • Mmmmm yes. Rubbing his clitty while running his sexy ass

  • Feel his little pecker grow hard in your hand, feel his soft, warm mouth wrapped around your dick sucking

  • Learning his place, as my girlfriend

  • Never too young to learn

  • So true

  • Lovely young, tight boipussy cum in him for me too

  • Disgusting. Not much else to say about that.

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