Drunk wife teases friend

My wife and I went out with a friend who was in town for the holiday weekend on Saturday night. I hadn’t seen him in years, he is recently divorced. My wife and I met up with him at a lounge and went bar hopping. My wife wanted to dance and after a few dances I told her to dance with my friend. They danced a bit and it turned me on a little to see her out there to be honest. It was all very friendly but a little flirty, hand holding and spinning, some closeness but not much, a little handsy from my wife and from him. It was late and I decided we should take an Uber to our house, we shouldn’t drive. He decided to go ahead and stay the night with us. We got to our house and had another drink, and my wife made up a place for him to sleep on the sofa. My wife and I were kissing and getting ready to have sex, and I made a comment that she looked sexy tonight, and it was hot seeing her being a little flirty with Mike. She laughed and said she was not being flirty and I said it’s okay, I liked it and she looked sexy. She was going down on me, and she said “My mouth is dry, can you get me a glass of water?” I said “I’m naked” she said “I’m only wearing panties and Mike’s out there” I said “I’m sure he won’t mind, after the way he was looking at you tonight” she laughed and hit me on the shoulder. I said “do it, I dare you, go out there let him see your tits, it’ll drive him crazy!” She laughed and got up and said “I’m going to do it, are you sure!” I said “yeah go!” She opened our bedroom door and looked back at me with a really sexy smile and walked out. I heard some noise and some talking, and she came back and closed the door laughing. We started kissing and I asked “did he see you?” She said “yes, I told me to have a good night and that he had fun tonight” I said “he’s probably jerking off right now thinking about your boobs” she said “ewww, you think so?” I said “for sure, you’re so sexy and he just saw your boobs, after dancing with you, he’s definitely hot and bothered” she smiled and was going down on me again. I said “you should offer him a BJ, poor guy is all hard up, divorced and you’ve been teasing him” she laughed and asked “who wouldn’t mind?” I said “no, just ask, see what he says” she got up and went to the door, and walked out naked this time and just blurted out loud enough for me to hear “Mike, do you want for me to give you a BJ?” There was silence before he answered back “uh, yeah”. She came back and said “he said yes.” I said “go do it!” She left again and I stayed for about two minutes before going over for a peak. He was sitting on the sofa, she was on the sofa sucking him, naked, and he was feeling her up. I went and started having sex with her as she sucked him. We all finished and my wife and I went to bed. I was awoken by the dog about two hours later, and my wife wasn’t in bed. I went to check the living room and she was on her back, legs spread open, and Mike was pounded her. I said “hey y’all” and they stopped having sex, and sat down, I said “keep going, looks like you’re having fun” my wife said “let’s go to bed” I said “no, keep going, I’ll go to bed”. And walked back to the bedroom. My wife didn’t come to bed. I got up and took a peak, and again he was on top of her pounding her. She came to bed and I asked her what happened. She said I fell asleep and she couldn’t sleep and was still horny, so she went to Mike and didn’t plan on having sex with him but they started kissing and he was fingering her and she sucked him again, and then they just had sex. I asked if he used a condom and she admitted that he did not have one. I asked where he came and she said she told him not to finish in her so he finished on her boobs. I was jealous and upset but also very turned on. I got on top of her and had sex with her one more time. In the morning I woke up and she was already out of bed cooking us breakfast, Mike sitting drinking coffee and she was standing at the stove wearing only panties and a small tee shirt. It was awkward but we had breakfast. My wife asked me if she could have sex with him again, since she was tipsy before and wanted to try it sober. I agreed it would be okay. She went to him and started kissing him and took her shirt off and he got the hint. They had sex in our bed, and this time he did finish in her. He dressed and left, thanking us both for the fun night. I asked her why she let him finish in her and she said “it’s okay, i figured I’ll shower and get clean anyway, I just didn’t want to go sleep with his stuff in me last night” I put her on the bed and started kissing her, she was sore from so much sex and didn’t want to have sex. I told her that I had to have sex with her, he couldn’t finish in her and me not finish last. She understood and we had sex before showering. Now she’s asking if we can go visit him.

1 month ago


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    • You have just become a cuckold. He won't be her last fling now that she knows you enjoy her having sex with other men.

    • My wife did something similar.
      My friend was staying with us after his deployment. He was a little down because his girlfriend broke up with him while he was gone. I told my wife she should offer up a BJ. She agreed. I told them I was going to the store and my wife messaged me when she finished.

    • That’s so hot me and my wife have done almost same thing nothing hotter

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