I'm keeping it a secret

A few years ago when the Seahawks won the super bowl we had a Superbowl party. We had a friend and his wife and two other friends over. After the game everyone was celebrating hard. My wife and the other woman were dancing around almost like dirty dancing. Booze,wine and beer were flowing and spilling everywhere. The girls started getting a little out of control so my buddy called it quits he got up and took his wife home. My wife continued to bop and dance around. The other two guys were encouraging her and complimenting her. I had started with beer and had moved to whiskey I said to everyone hey it's time to end it I'm going in. They stood up and said goodbye. I went into the living room and was about to sit down when I noticed some garbage rolling across my front yard. I went out and was picking it up when I looked over to the garage. Through the window I saw my wife kissing one of them , the other was standing there and then she started kissing him as well. I walked over to the window and I could clearly see they had their hands all over her. She was smiling and giggling. Together they lifted her shirt off then took her bra off. Still she was alternating between them kissing. While she was kissing one the other moved behind her and pulled her stretch pants and panties down in one swoop. I watched her lift her right leg out of her pants. They started fingering her and groping her even more. Her legs started shaking. They put her hands on a chairs arm rest and one got behind her and started fucking her. All I could do was watch. I was frozen like a statue. The very second he was done the other got behind her and started he was noticeably larger and was really going at her. I could hear her moans and the other guy laughing. He grabbed her hips and pulled her tight to him and started shaking crazily as he came inside her. When he pulled out she turned and sat on the chair as they wiped off with paper towels. They got dressed and started towards the door.

3 months ago

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    • A few years back I went with my wife to a party at one of her work colleagues house. She had been conversing with several women, so I was talking to the guys. I hadn't talked to her most of the night and it was getting late when I went to find her. I asked one of her friends where she was, and she said she thought she had gone upstairs, but didn't know why. I went up and started checking each room until I walked in one and caught my wife in bed with one of her male colleagues. She was on top of him riding him like bull with her back to the door when I walked in. They never even noticed I was there. I watched for a few seconds and then just turned and walked out. I left her there and drove home. About an hour later she finally came home and had the nerve to yell at me for leaving her there. I told her if she hadn't been fucking another guy upstairs, maybe she could have gotten a ride home with me.

    • I had a similar incident, summer pool party, wife got drunk, I took her upstairs to sleep it off while we still had guests in the house and still in the pool. I didn’t think anything of it, until a week later, I have nanny cams setup around the house and in my bedroom, to my surprise I watched my cousin Luis enter my bedroom, and just started watching my wife (Lisa). He eventually began to touch her and take her bikini off, he turned on the little reading lamp and took some pictures and selfies with her, he had sex with her or should I say he raped her, lisa called him babe and then as she came she said oh Fernando I love you, she thought it was me she was fucking. He came in her mouth too. He got her dressed again and covered her. 30 minutes later I see my friend Irvin come into the room and pull the same shit, but this mofo is saying you like this you slut? The perfect fucking wife sucking and fucking me now, who’s got the best wife now? He cums inside of her and says I hope fro eats you out tonight, then he cums again on her face, and lisa thinks it’s me. Then he pees on my toothbrush, and all over my bathroom. Before Irvin leaves he slaps her with his dick and says you were actually better than jasmine (his wife). We no longer have contact with Luis, and we told the family what he did. Irvin is never allowed to come over or have contact with lisa, but I did show Jasmine, and to get back at him she made him watch as she fucked other men, my plan was to get her to fuck me but that never happened. And wifey still has no clue about Irvin

    • You should have given the video to the cops and have them both charged with rape. She obviously could not consent

    • I'm the original poster , I can't stop thinking about it and love it. I'm hoping it happens again.

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