My friends think my husband is controlling

I had a few friends over for some wine and girl talk one afternoon and the conversation at one point turned to number of times a month for sex, when it came to me I told them "Times per month, I pleasure him daily if I can".
They all thought that was crazy, why in the world would you let him do that all the time, you need a break too. I said well who said it was his idea?
I have been that way since we got together and if I am not in the mood or mother nature is in town for a full on love making it takes me ten minutes max to make him have a great evening. I also told them that I sometimes surprise him as soon as he walks thru the door with a blow job or me naked and waiting for him if I have the kids over at my parents. I absolutely love to please him and he loves to please me as well but lets face it, men need it hourly if they could get it. I looked at them and said tell me if you walked up to your husband hourly and told him you would give him a BJ he would say no. They all laughed at that one because we all know it is true, no man would turn that down in his life. I told them that the way to keep a man happy is to be available to him, this does not mean he is controlling it means that he will know that when he gets home he as a really good chance of getting an orgasm.

They still think I am crazy.


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  • I am with you, I give him all he wants and more. He loves that I run around the house in nothing but a t-shirt that barely comes below my ass, I clean house that way sometimes also. I give him a blow job while he watches sports, I get up with him in the morning and shower with him. He gets either a blow or hand job in there, he comes home I am ready to either have dinner or sex, hopefully both or maybe put dinner on me and let him eat it off of me.

  • You are the smart one honey, they are crazy. I suck a lot of men's dicks because their wives won't.

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