Cheating with my first boyfriend

My hubby and I have been married for about three and a half years. But we don't talk much now and I needed someone to talk to. One day I ran into my first lover. We had a good time talking and had some lunch. Then we started kissing and making out on the sofa. Finally we ended up in his bedroom fucking like crazy. His cock felt so good in me. Kevin's cock is bigger than my husband's and curved so it really hits me in all the right spots. I have been fucking him a couple times a week for the past six months. We only have one car so I drop my hubby off at work and then drive to the community college. Then after classes I go right over to Kevin's for lots of love making before back to pickup my hubby and the children from my mom's house. The last time after dinner and the kids were in bed my husband wanted sex. I tried to discourage him but he wouldn't take no for and answer. He went to go down on me. He started to lick me and I told him no I needed a bath. So he just went to fuck me. He said I was really wet and must be really excited. Then after a few minutes he said I didn't feel as tight as usual. I told him he was crazy don't know why he'd say such a thing. He fucked me and filled me full of his cum. I thought there you go you always wanted sloppy seconds. He doesn't know it but he a cuckold now. I can't wait to be with Kevin again. He really is such a better lover than my hubby can ever be.

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  • My wife was cheating on me with her first boyfriend.It took me a while to figure it out but it made sense when she didn't want to have sex with me sometimes,making excuses up,but in reality she was sore as hell because the guy was something like 10 inches long.And I found out why she wouldn't even undress or get naked in front of me as she had bruises on her hips from where he held her in doggy style and slap marks on her arse cheeks.I was so mad but didn't want to leave her and forgave her.Then made her explain to me why she had to fuck him again.She explained his cock was amazingly huge and she missed it.I couldn't help it but I wanted to see her take that big cock.So I let her fuck him again and she got him to film the action on her phone.I watched it when she got home and couldn't believe my eyes watching my sweet little wife's pussy take that huge cock all the way in her and she loved it.I noticed he fucked her without a condom and came in her,which drove me wild,so I rushed into the bedroom before she could jump into the shower and said I must fuck your pussy.I slid into her well fucked cum drenched hole so easily it felt so hot,I fucked her hard for 5 straight minutes and came,she stood up so I could watch the cum trickle from her.Our sex life is so great now.

  • Slut

  • My wife was a virgin when we married but after a few years, she said she wonders what sex would have been like with her ex boyfriends. I told her to give it a try if she wanted. She ran a guy she had a crush on in high school and they ended up going to hotel and having sex. She said she was a bit disappointed that the sex was no better with him than with me. I asked about his cock size and she said he was a bit bigger than me but still only about 5 inches. I asked if she wanted to find a guy with a larger cock and she said yes. She ended up with a guy who had 8.5 inches but very thick. She had sex with him 3 or 4 times a week for over 3 years and her pussy definitely loosened up. I was ok with that because she was so tight before that she would usually squeeze my little cock out of her pussy if she started cumming. Her favorite position was on top of me so she could control the movement to make herself cum. We almost always ended up with her squeezing me out of her and just rubbing her clit up and down my cock until she would cum or until she would make me cum all over myself. If I came first she would sit on my face for me to lick her clit until she would cum. I enjoyed the sloppy seconds and loved being able to actually stay inside her until I would cum.

  • You are not a very nice person. You need to reign yourself in and be more proper.

  • As bad as i felt for cheating on my hubby with my ex,its balanced out by how great I feel after a fucking from his amazingly wonderful 9 inch dick ( I swear its gotten bigger from when we were together,is that possible?) I met up with him whilst my hubby was away and I can only be honest and say he seduced his way into my pants and my clothes off.In his defence my mind was halfway there cuz I just couldn't get the memory of sex with him off my brain.In my memory it was great sex being in our early 20's but now late 20's its so much better.He's way more experienced now,noticeably.Foreplay was something else,I mean I've heard of multiple orgasms but never experienced them.He made me cum gushingly all over the bed with his fingers 4 times before he had even slid his dick into my pussy.And before that even happened I was his little plaything to command and why not,he had just totally pleasured me to full satisfaction.I sucked him and pleasured him with my mouth like I had never even done to my husband,in a way that would make most people blush.

  • I hope he’s fucking someone else behind your back you sneaky slut

  • I have been having sex with my ex husband for years. My current husband has little to no sex drive and I doubt he would even care if he found out.

  • Great story. Keep it up !

  • You have given birth to children but another dick made your pussy less TIGHT? Right.

  • No, she’s saying he’s noticing she just got fucked. If you’ve been fucked that day, it’s hard to convince your husband you haven’t. Especially if the guy cums in you. I’ve almost been found out by a sloppy freshly fucked mess down there lol

  • I noticed that about my wife before I knew she was cheating.She used to say it was a hard workout at the gym or its a hot day,not she's horny or anything.When I was convinced she was cheating I was still in denial until I found the huge cum stain in her dirty pants.With that evidence I was mad but the more it played out in my head the more my rage turned to arousal.I bought a spy cam from some Chinese ebay site and caught her in the act.The footage wasn't great but it was the hottest porn I've ever seen,the way that guy went at her its no wonder she cheated,I may even sell this to a porn site,its definitely kept me entertained.

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