First cousin

Hjoked “ I’m your cousin”. He says I know but you’re just so hot.
I rubbed him through his jeans. It seemed so massive. Then he starts groaning and pumping his hips. He came. Right in his pants. It was so hot. He was embarrassed but I told him that was neat. Can I see it? He pulled his pants down to reveal this Huge wet spot. I tugged his shorts down and there it was. The first penis I’d ever seen or touched. I rub it some more and it’s still hard. He puts his hand in my pants and I can remember hearing his finger in my sloppy wetness. He fingers me for a bit but doesn’t really know what he’s doing.
I push him down and take my pants off. I climb on top and line him up with me. I can remember thinking god what am I doing but it was so natural. It felt right. I rubbed his enormous head on my slick pussy. I started to sit down and he pushes up. The next thing I know I’m fully impaled with this monster in my belly. I could feel a sting. Probably my hymen. And I clenched my teeth and said Hold Still.
Then it hit me. I’m not a virgin. My cousin is fucking me. FUCKING ME. And he starts to pump. And I feel it deep inside. Not just in my vagina but hitting what must be my cervix. Every nerv was lit up. I relished the feeling. Forgot about him and just fucked up and down his pole. I told him to stop moving and just kept working it. My pussy making this squishy sound. In about ten pumps it hits me. This awesome orgasm makes me nearly fall off I’m so out of control. He holds my hips and drives deep. Filling me with cum that leaks out all over us as I’m still going.
He’s really sweet. Holding me after. Talking me through when my period was last to try to figure the odds of getting pregnant. I was supposed to start any day so he assured me we would be fine. After that I felt relief and in seconds hes inside me again. This time he’s on top and literally bottoms out in me. I’m trying to hold him back some but he is literally jack hammering me. His balls slapping my wet crack. I stop him and roll over. Maybe me on my belly will be better I think.
It’s like he knew what he was doing to me because he reaches in front and starts feeling his dick through my belly. He pulls my hand back to feel it and it is going all the way to my belly button. That’s when he moans and cums again. Jabbing as deep as he could inside me. Growling like a beast in my ear.
I can remember my pussy burning for days after and what felt like bruising on the inside. I didn’t see him for months after that. When I did he had a girlfriend and acted like nothing had happened.

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  • My cousin fucked me. We are both guys tho.
    He was big and it hurt. It took him a while to finally get it in. He pumped me like 5 times and came. I didn’t know that was fast back then. Was really grateful it was over.
    He pulled out and had my shit on his dick. He got it on my white sheets and my mom knew what had happened right away when she saw it. She told his mom, her sister, and they kept us apart for years. We were 13 or 14.

  • I think a lot of us lost our virginity to our cousin. I know I did. There were five of us, we the older of the middle. We would all have sleepovers and campouts at our grandparents, and we’d wait until everyone else went to sleep. If one of us fell asleep, the other would wake them up. We never missed a chance. We started finding reasons to escape together, we were fucking all the time. I’m surprised I never got pregnant.

  • You had a lucky escape.

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