Older men

My entire life I have been attracted to and had private relationships with older men. Considerably older men. I have dated and eventually married a man who is my age , but I choose to be sexually involved with older men behind his back. When I was underage I learned that private sexual relationships were very satisfying and educational. I have learned how to tell if a man is willing to play with me behind my husband's back or if he would think it would be best if we didn't. I have found that single older men are considerably more kinky and sexually ready for anything. They often bring friends who are like minded. I honestly don't think I want to stop it's been a crazy first year of marriage. My only regret is that I have never had anyone to talk to or share my experiences with.


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  • My parents would be really ashamed of me if they knew that the neighbor behind them was my first sexual encounter. I was 19 and back from my freshman year of college, he was in his 60's and retired but the guy was in shape. I saw him exercising daily, running and weight lifting in his garage. One day I just started talking to him and I just started kissing him, I had never touched or seen a real penis yet but something about him just turned me on. He was so patient with me and looking back on it the guy was a sexual dynamo for his age, he had more stamina than most of the men I have been with in my life who are my age. He was such a giver as well, I can truly say that no man since him has pleasured me orally as great as him. He would devour me and knew exactly what to do giving me orgasms that left me in a daze.

  • My wife likes older guys.Most have been disappointments.But every once in awhile I come home to hear my wife getting it good.She's moaning like mad,the beds bashing against the wall,the guys grunting.Then I hide in the back room and the guy that leaves is at least in his mid 50s.

  • I do almost the same thing. I film the door and try to film it actually going on while I'm jacking off in the hallway. The only thing is that I'm a little older and the men my wife normally brings home are younger.

  • I would love to film her with a guy.It would be the best masturbating material ever.Or just sit in the room and watch but she doesn't let me do that.

  • How olds your wife?

  • My wife is 44

  • I get off from just hearing them go at it. You can't possibly imagine how excited it is listening while you're mind is racing

  • I do get off but mostly afterwards.Was also great finding her soaked pants and having a good sniff and rubbing myself to orgasm.

  • Would love to share your experiences

  • I have sent you an email too. Thanks for everything.

  • I would love to talk to you more. I would love to hear more about your experiences. Arlundfletcher6@gmail.com

  • I just sent an email to your email address.

  • Thank you everyone for your positive responses. I finally have someone to talk and share with.

  • Go for what you desire. We older men love having sexual relationship with younger females. Itn today’s society its ok to be a MILF but it’s not accepted visa versa. If older males pleases you continue and enjoy it. Don’t live your life regretting it

  • I do and I will continue it's something that I do alot

  • God bless you sugar

  • Thank you

  • How old we talking?

  • All different age's

  • Well it changes as I get older. The oldest was 85 and his cock still worked. He was a grandfathers friend and wanted me for years.

  • Oh dear a bit too old that is.Careful he doesn't die of a heart attack on top of you,that's years of therapy right there.

  • Cock ages like fine wine

  • Some are so wonderful I have to agree

  • Haha no they don't. Its like they go from 10 inches and 1 wrinkle to 1 inch and 10 wrinkles.

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