Virgin with small ‘Manhood’

I’m a 16 year old male virgin and I wanna have sex really bad, I’m not a virgin because girls don’t approach me, but because I don’t want to end up disappointing girls with my size when it comes to that moment. I ended up buying myself a pocket pussy since masturbating with my hand got a little boring, it was a great purchase :) and now I masturbate more since it feels way better than my hand, but I have such a strong desire for the real thing. My penis is 5 inches erect, I don’t know if that is enough for SOME girls, but hopefully I’ll find someone that doesn’t mind my size, but at the same time, my penis is probably not done growing (hopefully that’s the case).

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  • My boy friend is a thick 5 inches... doggy style the head of his cock hits the right spot so perfectly it's sure bet orgasms for me.

  • The post about 5 inches being average is correct, so try to let that go and not feel so insecure about it.

    A lot of women do not reach orgasm just from penetration anyway! Learn to eat pussy, finger pussy, and how to pleasure a woman with more than just your dick, and you will keep your future girl very happy.

  • ^^agree^^. 5 inches is plenty fine.

  • Chop it off and accept your fate.

  • Find a guy with 3 inches.

    Seduce his wife.

  • I agree. Any guy with no more than 3 inches deserves to be cuckolded. He should NEVER have married this woman in the first place. She'll be delighted with more.

  • FYI the average size of a penis is 5.something inches (google it), so your in the norm - don't believe everything you see on PORN - They use models that are large for the wow factor. Find yourself a nice girl, romance her, treat her good, LISTEN TO HER, and when it comes time for more...... lick her pussy till she freaking looses it - then bang her and tell her how hot she is, how good she feels and how much she loves your dick in her while at it...... she will love every second of it and come back for more. Trust me, I am in the "norm" as well and have never had any problems, every girl I've been with came back for more, i was never dumped for any reason, and had many girls from 15 - 20 years old till i met the girl i married and she LOVES my cock.

  • I think it would certainly help if you stopped using the toy and pulled yourself off a lot more, masturbate by hand as much as possible OK ?

  • It’s small and you will be turned into a cuck when you get married, she will go get BBC.

  • Not only that, he'll learn to love it.

  • No it has stopped growing Darling the maximum length of a male penis is reached at 15 latest early 16, 5 inches erect will satisfy quite a few girls particularly if you are quite thick it is a good size for blow jobs, probably the best way for you to fuck is have her in the doggy position, she will love it and feel every inch you will have a great time in that position as well, now stop pulling yourself off and find a nice girl preferably older than you so she can teach you xxxxxx

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