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I am a 54 year old single straight cross dresser (have been for five years) I keep it my secret I do not make it obvious in public but love being totally feminine all the time at home and sometimes go for a walk in the parks near my home I have plenty of female wear and adore every piece.
I have recently ordered off the net a chastity cage, clear plastic with internal locking system advised as comfortable for long time wear.
I really need a nice, genuine, honest single lady to become my keyholder who would be prepared to open a mail box account so I could post my keys while I also would open one for return, when I first send them I would also provide phone number and e-mail address, I think I would wear the cage for about a month at a time before release, needing to shave and totally clean before locking again, you would be able to determine when I am allowed to masturbate while released.
I hope someone is happy and prepared to help me.

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  • Niice

  • Well I am sure you have the perfect keyholder, I already have a PO mailbox but would just like to change a few things before I took you on, first you need to always refer to me as Mistress I will give you the gurl name of Sandra, you will not decide when the keys are sent back to you that would totally be my decision and that then would include permission for you to masturbate after shaving and cleaning then locking yourself.
    I would like you to test yourself when you receive the cock cage such as how long you can leave it on, I can assure you when I get the keys Sandra you might have to hang out for a while but you will enjoy it.
    I am 37, blond 5.6, 84 kg with medium firm round breasts and nice legs, currently single living on my own in a Lesbian relationship.
    My previous husband wore a cage at my insistence so I have experience, Sandra now listen carefully and think a long while about it, I am very demanding, dominant and strict OK let me know.

  • Thank you that sounds promising I really like the name Sandra, you have given me a lot to think of I received the cage a few days ago and really like being locked so I will try the cage for quite a while before I get back to you but you have made me feel extremely horny.
    Maybe we can get something going xx

  • Just listen Sandra you little slut your not paying much attention are you, once again you will refer to me as MISTRESS and nothing else.
    You better think about this long and hard because when I get those keys you little sissy I am going to be the Dom.

  • Sorry Mistress it will not happen again, I am going to try and stay locked for at least three weeks release ,shave, clean and masturbate then let you know, I am very horny so will probably ask for your PO box and address then.
    Love Sandra xx

  • That's a bit better Sandra you little sissy slut, good idea, now I also want you to set up a cam and film yourself wanking plus locking the cage on prior to sending off the keys and video including your mail box details and e-mail.
    You are going to love having me as your keyholder.

  • Thank you Mistress, I really love being known as Sandra, I love you calling me a slut and sissy please make any demands you like and I will comply, I am so horny but can't get horny being locked I am so keen to send off the keys because the temptation to release myself and masturbate is so great, I leave the keys in my PO box so I do not have easy access, I really think your going to be my keyholder soon. Your little sissy slut Sandra xxx

  • OK Sandra you sissy little slut I really think you should start thinking about getting those keys to me asap the temptation appears far too great for you I am certain you would be a lot better off without any access to them, shave, clean have your wank while taking your video and lock up your fanny as explained previously plus enclose the required information and let me know when everything is ready, I will give you the PO info then don't take too long Sandra the quicker I get them the better by far for you.
    Mistress xx

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