I did it for money

I am a 36 year old woman. I have been married for 12 years. When I turned 36 it hit me hard. I felt like I was getting old, like I no longer would be appealing. My husband is a truck driver. He owns his own truck and provides well. I love him, and have never cheated, or even been tempted too. I stay in shape and take care of myself. I get hit on. I just never consider it. But hitting 36 really affected my self esteem. I can explain it. So the weekend after my birthday, my mom and her friends asked me to go to the casino with them. I was feeling down, and thought a night out would help. We were drinking a lot, and having a good time. Around 12:30 my mom said they were worn out, so we decided to call it a night. They rode together, and I met them there, so I was driving alone. When I got on the freeway, I started thinking that driving was a bad idea. I had a lot to drink and I was starting to feel it. I got off the freeway and pulled into a gas station. I went in and got a bottle of water and some snack crackers, hoping that if I sat for a bit I'd feel better about driving the rest of the way home. As I came out of the store, I opened the water and took a big drink. the cool air felt good, so I stood toward the rear of my car taking it in. As I stood there a car pulled up slowly in front of me. Realising how bad a neighborhood I was in, it made me nervous. I turned to walk to the driver side of my car when the guy in the passenger seat of the car that just pulled up rolled down his window. He asked me "how much for all 3 of us?" I didn't get it at first. So I said "how much for what?" He said "how much to fuck all 3 of us?" All of a sudden it hit me. They thought I was a hooker. I bent over a little and looked in the car. They were young. I really doubt any of them were old enough to drink. At 36 years old these boys wanted to pay me for sex. All of the went through my mind in a matter of seconds. Before I even had time to think, I said 60. The kids came back with 30. I said how about we meet on the middle, 40. The kid agreed. I got into the back seat of the car. The driver turned down the street next to the gas station, and turned into an alley. There was a closed down business on the left, with an overgrown hedge line along the far side. We all got out of the car and went between the building and the hedges. We were out of sight of anyone passing on either side. The driver said let's see what we're working with. I didn't understand. He said take off your clothes, let's see what you've got. I took off my shirt and bra. I stopped for a second, wondering what the fuck I was thinking doing this. Then I kicked off my shoes and took my pants. I was standing there in nothing but my panties. On of the other boys turned the flashlight on his phone on, and lit me up. He said take them off. At that moment I thought"I'm so glad I shaved today" I don't know why I thought that, but I did. I took off my panties, and stood there. Completely naked, facing them. These 3 boys were the first men besides my husband to see me naked in 12 years. The flashlight seemed so bright, I felt so exposed. One of them said "you're a milf"the driver walked behind me and reached around, and started squeezing my breasts. Then he grabbed me around the hoops with one arm, and pushed my shoulders with the other hand so I was bent over. Here put a foot between mine and started bumping my feet left and right, so my feet were wide apart. They all went behind me with the flashlight. He was spreading my ass, and putting fingers in my pussy. One of them started rubbing my breasts. Then one of them came around and put his dick in my face. I started sucking. Then one of them started fucking me. I'd never been with more than one guy before. It was almost overwhelming. Then the third one came over and took over my mouth. They kept switching off. The driver was the one fucking me. He fucked fast and hard. After a while he pulled out came around to my face, pulled his condom off and started fucking my mouth. One of the other 2 started at my pussy. The driver grabbed my head and started pumping my mouth fast. He came in my mouth. When he stepped back, the other 2 had me get on my hands and knees. They took several turns on both ends. When they had all finished, the driver handed me money. They got in the car and left. I got dressed, and walked back to my car. When I got home I couldn't get to sleep. I was so turned on by what I had just done. I think about it all the time. I have no remorse. It gets me so hot whenever I think about it. I really want to do it again.


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  • Wow one of the best posts I have seen on here

  • How much are you charging now ?

  • Nothing. I'm just not turning down guys that hit on me at bars

  • Now listen here you cheap slut if I find you hawking anywhere near my patch my pimp and friends will render you fuckless very quickly, get the picture ?

  • Hahaha listen to fucking idiot. Keyboard warrior. Your a joke and a dick!!!

  • I know that's fake. They don't even know what after I'm talking about. I have been having second thoughts about going back to that area again tho. It's a bad area, and o couldn't handle that kind of trouble in real life. It's not that I had sex for money that turns me on. It's that I let complete strangers use me as nothing more than a receptacle . They know nothing about me. I know nothing about them. They just wanted to get off, and go on their way. I've decided I'm going bar hopping, and letting random guys use me

  • I would love to hear how this works for you in more stories

  • Are you trying for just one guy or a group ?

  • I would prefer a group, but approaching the subject just seems like it would be awkward to me. At the first bar I got with one guy. At the second I blew on guy, went back in and went to an apartment with two black guys. (My first time ever being with a black guy. Yay me!). Honestly it wasn't so I thought it would be. All the stories make it seem like it would be amazing. They were very rough. And lots of anal. Are all black guys so aggressive with the anal? They didn't even ask. Just did it. Not gently either. Anyway. With the first 2 guys I was way too much time building up to it. With the black guys I said straight up front that my husband was out of town, and I wanted to get laid. Within a half hour of meeting them, I was in an apartment getting used. Hopefully using that approach tonight, I can get used by way more than 4 guys

  • Hey darling it certainly sounds like your getting pretty good at this, yep coloured guys can be very rough you have to be careful with them they often just want to treat white girls as useless trash sluts that they own, don't want to wear condoms and really like leaving you with a gaping sore arse.
    My advise is don't go any more than three guys one for each hole best if they are younger you can often give them a feel while your drinking or dancing with them to determine size.
    I really think your getting it sweetie but please stick with younger white guys college students are best they usually don't play up on you but make sure you carry a pack of condoms and some lube not having them is their usual excuse you might have to pay for a Motel/Hotel room but that's better than a car or in the open, after a couple of times if you get the cheaper ones the owner will know whats going on and like your custom
    Hope everything works out.

  • I'm try back guys again, but if it's like that a lot, I'm out. It wasn't pleasant

  • You are a cheating slut, don't try to fool yourself, your going to end up in big trouble carrying on like this.

  • I wasn't. This was the only thing remotely slutty I have done in my entire life. I loved the way it made me feel. I have every intention of exploring my limits sexually with strangers

  • Your fooling yourself, how would you like your husband carrying on like you are intending ?
    If you want some good advise be like me my husband knows that I have two young studs from work that fuck me when he is away been doing it for two years, I will not let them get into me vaginally, anally or orally unless they wear condoms and never both together, they are fantastic boys and very well hung, pleasant and nice and know that we keep our sex to ourselves, I love having them eat me out , tongue and finger my bum.

  • Don’t listen to bitch ass haters on here. You should do it again.

  • He leaves for a couple days tomorrow. I fully intend on getting used while he's gone

  • So please advise your slutty whore activities to the world it is obvious your proud of it.

  • I'm heading out now. Wish me luck

  • Good luck hope you get fucked by many men

  • Well how does it feel cheating and being a cheap whore for probably some schoolboys, you must really be a slut

  • It felt empowering. I am not a slut. My husband is only the 3rd man I have ever been with. That night doubled my number, and I've still been with less men than most

  • So when and where are you going to do it again ?

  • Soon. I'll probably go to the same area.

  • Great do it ,and dont let others to discourage you dear have fun as much as you can life is short

  • I have always had a very tame Outlook on sex. This entire incident has opened up a side of me I never knew was there. I think about how amazing it felt to allow complete strangers to use me. I can't stop thinking about it. I will definitely be having sex with strangers regularly.

  • Good girl

  • Are you going to try the same stunt with the same boys again ?

  • I don't know them. They just pulled up and propositioned me. I wouldn't know how to find them again. I would if I could tho. Lol

  • If I were in your area or country for that fact I would definitely make sure I was around a lot more to find the woman we gang fucked to do it again

  • This is not that shocking.Me and my husband were getting into debt so I asked a guy I knew to give me a small loan.Surprise,surprise he asked for sex in return.I thought about and decided to go through with it.I was nervous as hell and thought I wouldn't get anything out of it and would hate it.But he actually went down on me till I came and then gave me a damn good fucking.I carried on screwing him even after I didn't need to cuz the sex was amazing.

  • A few years ago my ex wife who had been remarried for a couple years started calling asking to borrow money for a trip she wanted to take with her sister. I told her no the first two times but as the trip got closer she showed up at my door. She was dressed in a reveling top. showing a lot of cleavage and a skirt that was so short I was thinking she borrowed it from her 10 year old niece.
    She explained she need two hundred dollars and was prepared to do whatever she had to to get it. Within minutes of walking in the front door she was sucking my cock before bending over the couch to get fucked from behind. Having her turn and go back down on her knees to finish me off in her mouth was one of the hottest things she has ever done with me. For about a year after that when ever she needed money or just felt horny she would call or text me asking if I needed my whore to stop by.

  • How does it feel being a cheating slut especially with probably under age boys ?
    I think it would be just so good if you got pregnant.

  • They came in my mouth

  • They used condoms.

  • No wonder your so cheap.

  • I think you're supposed to get the money first, but what a hot story!!

  • I am a 41 year old female and i have been married for 20 years. I have 3 kids with my husband. when I turned 40 it hit me too. I started going to the gym and lost all of the weight I had gained. I am now 105 Lbs and as fit as I have ever been. Once I lost the weight I started getting noticed a lot too. I have never cheated until a very handsome young,20, black man at my gym started flirting with me everyday. Long story short, I started having sex with him and it is amazing! He is much larger than my husband and he can go for as long as I can't take it. Since then he has let several of his collage buddy's fuck me and I have even had his youngest brother fuck me. His brother is 15 and fucks almost as good as my lover. Keep it up and enjoy. Find a lover instead of taking a chance with prostitution. I would suggest a black man. They are so good in bed and all of them so far have had very large cocks. Good luck

  • I love a young cock too I don’t know why but this is hot and gets me wet too lucky girl you take advantage of them younger boys

  • I love to fuck younger boys too. I started teasing my step son when he turned 12. I would walk around in very small and reveling clothes. I noticed that he was looking. I would leave my door open when I would shower and change clothes. I caught him looking a lot. After my husband would leave early in the morning for work I would leave our bedroom door open and lay in bed naked and pretend to be sleeping. I would always catch him sneaking in to take a peek. I decided to catch him in the act one morning because he was in my room looking at me while I layed on my bed pretending to sleep. I opened my eyes and he was shocked and froze. I told him it was ok and to keep looking. I grabbed his hand and placed it on my body. Needless to say that was the first time he fucked me. He came very quickly but since then we have fucked hundreds of times. I have taught him how to be an amazing lover and he is by far the best fuck I have ever had. He is 17 now and we continue to have our morning fucks. I look forward to my husband leaving for work and waiting for my lover to fuck me.

  • Very good that you enjoy your time how old wast the boys ? and how do you look hair eyes etc

  • I'm 5'8" about 130lbs. I have Auburn hair with blonde highlights. C cups. With Green eyes

  • Sounds gorgeous

  • I'm not sure. If I was selling them alcohol I definitely would have checked their id

  • Yeah only 40?Should've been 400.

  • I spoke before I even thought. I was kind of in shock

  • You would have to be one of the cheapest whores I have ever heard of

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