Chastity cage on for sure

My wife has me in a cock cage until she needs me, when she goes away she leaves a key in a secret place so if I need to be released for a good reason I can phone and she will advise where it is hidden, she is away for two months and I need to go to the doctors after phoning she has advised that very sorry but I forgot to hide a key I have both here so you will just have to wear the cage till I return, I want her to express post a key to me but she is refusing saying she does not trust that service. What else can I do ?

1 month ago

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    • My cage was supplied with three locking rings 40mm, 45mm, 50mm we started with the 50mm but one night one of my nuts slipped out so we went with the 45mm then last wash and shave my wife struggled, pulled, squeezed and pushed till she got the 40mm on, oh boy is that tight however absolutely no chance of a nut popping out thats for sure plus I really know the cage is on.

    • I am also locked 24/7 with weekly releases usually on Sundays. I do a lot of business travel and we use the plastic numbered locks. They work great for airport security and she could tell if I cut it off and putting on another by looking at the number. Just a suggestion for the future.

    • Thank you so much very useful, my cock is sort of half hard (giving a lot of pre cum) all the time filling my cage is that common ?

    • My cock cage is clear plastic resin with internal locking, my cock fills the cage entirely and my nuts are nice tight and large firmly held I love being locked, I am unlocked only when my wife feels like it .

    • I really wish a lot more guys were locked in chastity cages then it may not be so humiliating to attend emergency services to have them removed when necessary, I can tell you getting them off without the keys is not an easy option if they have a nice tight ring and are internally locked harder if you have a wife that dislikes her cock being released without her permission.

    • BTW: Is your cock cage rust-proof? If not, you better get that cage off. If you get a cut on your cock from rusty metal, you could get Tetanus (LOCK JAW), which is fatal if not caught in time!

    • Thanks for your caring solution but it is clear resin no metal.

    • She has both keys…solution: go to a locksmith (make an appointment); or, go to the doctor’s appointment—that way he can add your pathetic existence into your medical record under Tab Psycho, pussy whipped!

    • Well just stay locked for a couple of months and hope she brings the keys when she comes home.

    • I think that is really the only thing I can do, thanks.

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