I married a much younger female, even though originally our sex was fantastic it did not take long for me to be too busy with work etc. to satisfy her, one night she suggested we should hot things up by trying me in chastity, strange she had already ordered a cage so I went along with it thinking that being denied for a while would help initially she would lock me just for a day then it progressed to a week she used dildo's for her satisfaction, then she advised that she had been flirting with a young guy from her work and really wanted to fuck with him I was sure that would be great for her, it happened and now my cock cage stays on all the time, I don't mind

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  • A domanatrix placed me in a cock cage called " The Gates of Hell " for twenty-four hours. At first, it was fun and titillating but long before the time was up, I was sick of it, and found the true meaning of its' name.

  • You need to try a more comfortable type, sure you will enjoy it

  • I don't know why you'd need a chastity cage, you already can't satisfy your wife? Let your cock and balls breath again. You're wife is already fucking that young guy from her work.

  • Chastity feels just fantastic, being controlled and dominated is just so good, she really loves me but can't get enough of her new young stud, he is really well hung, she is just starting on anal with him, I am expanding her bum with large then larger dildo's plus lubing

  • It took me about a year to convince my husband to try chastity I purchased a nice clear plastic cage with internal lock and it has proved very comfortable for long time wearing, my husband took to it like a duck to water and he hates being unlocked even for his weekly cleaning, he also lost any interest in sex with me, I have a friend at work who's sister has a son coming to our town to work he is 18 so I have offered him a chance to rent our granny flat that he will inspect this weekend, I am just going to put it straight to him that part of the rent involves making love to me whenever I want it, I really hope this works out well because my husband is supportive of that arrangement

  • WEEKLY cleaning? Okay.

  • Thats when it is removed so everything gets a nice good clean

  • My wife has a young stud but had to agree she had to permit me to place her in a chastity belt so I have to be present whenever they want to fuck it gives me such a dominant feeling, I am trying to get him into a cock cage so I can control both of them, how fantastic would that be

  • Yeah, getting your cock locked up while the little lady fucks guys who aren't too busy working to fuck. Sounds like real fun. Is the word " Doormat" tattooed on your forehead ?

  • No it's not, our situation suits everybody involved, she only has one lover

  • Your just so nice, good to hear you love your cage and don't mind your wife getting some decent cock

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