Totally under my control

I am so very happy, about three months ago my husband started talking about playing with chastity, I jumped at the idea helping him to select a chastity cage, we ordered a clear plastic one with internal locking device bit expensive but the reviews were great.
When it arrived I shaved him and gave everything a perfect clean before locking him in it was a bit of a squeeze because he kept getting hard but we got it locked on.
Virtually straight away after I hid the keys he started suggesting he should be released so we can have sex because I should be horny, big mistake I just said since you brought the subject up darling your going to be locked for at least two months if I hear anymore about it it will double, he suggested I could not last then my bombshell don't worry about me I am going to start having sex with Bill and Paul from work they have been chasing me for a long time.
Bill is my older single boss he is very kind and considerate we have been in a relationship for two years he loves me giving him blow jobs at every opportunity we share a room on company conferences about four nights every month I love sex with Bill he is just so nice. Paul divorced is the sales exec and we also have been in a relationship for about eighteen months he treats me like shit always having sex either vaginal or anally while I am in the doggie position only and expecting me to give him blow jobs all the time we often go to his condo just down from work, I do like him treating me like a real slut.
As I said I am so very happy that this is out in the open now, I have a leg spreader to put on my husband when he needs a shave and clean and he is becoming very obedient doing whatever I want he has not brought up the subject of sex but I do give him graphic description's of what goes on with Bill and Paul

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  • I have discussed with my husband that he does not have to be locked after this Sunday but to my surprise he said he wanted to continue chastity for the 12 weeks and see how it goes he really loves being under my control
    He also likes wearing lingerie and has decided to go a lot further into cross dressing with make up and wigs
    What have I created ?

  • OP here, I have been giving this a lot of thought lately, my objectives with the chastity not withstanding it was my husbands idea have truly been exceeded, I just wanted a way that my husband knew and accepted the sexual relations I am having with Bill and Paul and not be be overly angry, I do love him and like having sex with him so next Sunday when I unlock him for cleaning I am going to give him the opportunity to stay released, if he wishes to continue the chastity then we can both decide his lockup, he will have to accept that he must continue to wear panties, bras and nighties when home and even that I may from time to time make him up also that he has to still be quite obedient.
    When I get my piercing and am able to wear a lock I will get six keys two for Bill and Paul one for Hubby and one for me in case of emergency.

  • Laughable in it. Laughable how you know who the person is behind this post.

  • Not exactly sure what you are getting at here but I think your trying to be funny, well your not, you just added another week to his chastity
    I hope your proud of yourself

  • Can I add a week to his chastity? Just because I want to add to any discomfort he might feel.

  • No sorry, he is up to 12 weeks now and I am sure that's enough, how about reading the comments below I am sure you could have a nice jerk or two.

  • Like the post, would love to be in your situation

  • Love your situation, I am having an affair with a young guy from work it is great but I am concerned my man who is not overly interested in sex now about one quickie every two weeks will eventually find out I am going to start talking to him about chastity and hope I can get in a circumstance just like you it would be so good
    Could you please add a week without orgasm for me I think that makes it 11 weeks now EH ?
    I treat my young man badly and love it he is a sub but has a great penis 7 1/2 plus extra thick and wonderful nuts they are full and swing low.

  • He's pathetic and you're disgusting.

  • Not so deary,you have no idea how good things are now, I am over the moon, hubby is not as excited but he does not complain so he must like it EH ? his idea in the first place. I have told Bill and Paul and they are both jubilant Paul wants me to have my vaginal lips pierced two per side so he can put padlocks on me I am thinking about it but will have to explain to Bill and have a key for him too they don't know I am getting it off with each and I would prefer they don't.
    Such a relief.
    OH your comments just earned him an extra two weeks without orgasm I hope your happy about that.

  • I don't give a shit what happens to your sad little cuck.

  • Your so rude and inconsiderate just for that the next time he is cleaned I am going to grasp his balls so very tightly and pull him around the house backwards for a while plus add another week before he orgasms

  • Why not beat him till he bleeds? Why not leash him and parade him in the streets? He's nothing now, thanks to you; do what you wish to him.

  • Total BS. Why not just make him a eunuch?

    If you were really doing this then it sounds to me like you need taught a few lessons. Number one, on how to be an obedient cock sucker yourself. Someone should put that pussy padlock on you and make you use hands to edge them for a week without a finished orgasm, and then on Friday make you kneel and slowly suck that cock to completion. After you’ve knelt and sucked a massive load from a cock that’s gone without it and gagged on the cum as it flooded your mouth and throat, then you’d pose for a pic with your messed hair and cum splattered lips and dripping chin, you’d be more understanding of what it is to be deprived and demeaned. That lesson wouldn’t be a one time thing either, you’d have to get used to having your face pussy stretched around a fat cock that’s been deprived and allowed to back up a big load just for you every week, and each week there’d be a new, humiliating position for the after photo, and all shared on social media.

    Lesson two. Rather than being deprived, how about over stimulation? How about being hopelessly bound and fully exposed for an audience and then repeatedly gotten off for their viewing pleasure? You might enjoy the first one but it would be over quickly and the second one will be way less fun and take a lot longer. Maybe we’d tell you this will continue for at least an hour, or two, so you always know the end is a long way off. Or maybe you’d have a minimum amount of orgasms to provide for us before your humiliating torture would end. Say 5! I’d hold the vibrator myself and make you count them out loud as you had each one, and if you didn’t count or got the number wrong then it doesn’t count towards your total. Now of course if you just physically couldn’t provide the number of cums required then you’d have to agree to suck 3 cocks to completion for each one time you failed to cum yourself, with one of those cocks being a swallowed deepthroat orgasm, and the others a messy oral creampie.

  • Lesson three. Bukkake. Again, with an audience. But instead of them pleasuring themselves to completion, you will do it for them with your mouth and hands, two to three men at a time, and they will shower you with cum and move on for the next one to take his turn. Some will cum in your hands while you jerk them off, and you will find a place on your skin to wipe it. Some will cum in your mouth and you will spit it on yourself. Some will tell you they are about to blow and you will allow them to shoot the load anywhere they wish on your exposed flesh. When you are sufficiently covered in a mostly solid mass cum blanket, they will proceed to piss on you to hose it off. Pics will follow.

  • Lesson four. Pound that ass! With your pussy padlock still in place and your mouth now worn out from being cock stretched, you’ll have to bend over and place your hands on the floor in a standing position (better do some stretches to prepare) and allow yourself to be ass fucked and cum dumped in repeatedly while your still cum dripping mouth counts out loud each time someone cums in your ass. That padlock will be dripping with splooge after a while, and your ass and thighs will be sore from the pounding and holding your position. This one will be videoed and posted online, or maybe a live feed, paid access of course. I may as well make some money on your humiliation. You’ll just provide the services and show gratitude for having done so and that will be payment enough for you.

  • So now, what have all of these comments earned your poor unfortunate husband?

  • All these ideas sound good to me

  • Your so very rude you need a giant kick in the nuts, something clearly wrong with you seek help
    I am not going to extend his chastity because of a clown like you

  • Hmm. Sounds like you read every one of them, no doubt with total interest and I’m betting some of it sounded good to you.

    Lesson five! Self pleasuring for our pleasure! You will stand in front of an audience and masturbate to near orgasm, and stop just before you cum, denying yourself the climax. If you cum, you will be punished severely! You will stand and cool down for a few minutes while being taunted by the audience saying how good it feels to cum and they want to see it, but your master standing nearby will not give you permission. Then you will resume rubbing your clit to near orgasm again, and again stop before reaching it. You will be touched and stroked by multiple hands on your body, adding to the pleasure as you masturbate, and remain in this heavily aroused state for an extended period of time, self pleasuring your own twat while being touched and standing and watching as others around you begin sucking and fucking and cumming themselves. Each time they will tell you what sweet relief it is as they orgasm, but you better not get yourself off or you will be punished! When you are close to cumming you will stop and stand still while continuing to be touched all over except where you need it most. After at least five or six near climaxes, you will be allowed to fully cool off with this lesson ending and your orgasm witheld, and you will be bound for the remainder of the day to prevent you getting yourself off later when you are alone. Before being taken away you will beg to be allowed to cum, even if you no longer feel the need, you will beg for our pleasure so we can hear you do it.

  • Lesson six. Tittie jacking strangers! You will be taken out in public to a place of my choosing and I will select random strangers for you to proposition. You will approach them and ask if they would like for you to use your tits to jack them off. Whoever accepts, you will then both be led to a private room where you will kneel topless before him and place your hands on your tits and wrap them around his cock. You will spit between your own tits to lubricate them and proceed to push them up and down to jack his cock to orgasm, spitting as needed to keep things wet. When he gets off you will look down at the head of his dick and let it spray in your face as much as possible. You will then thank him for cumming on you. Depending on my mood, you may either be led back through public on a walk of shame with an open top and wearing his spunk on your face and tits, or possibly be made to ask at least one more guy if he’d also like a tittie jacking while wearing the results of the last one.

    From time to time you can look forward to variations on this lesson, such as being led to a room full of men seated and waiting where you will move from guy to guy and tittie jack each one off until finished with the last one. As you do so, you will look each one in the eye and tell them you want them to cum between your tits.

    Lessons seven (cum fountain) and eight (mixed drink) “cumming soon”. You’ll be trained proper before long!

  • Lesson seven! Cum Fountain! I hope you’re thirsty, cause you’ll be drinking straight from the fountain. This one is one of my favorites so I’ll take the lead position this time. I have a cock that just drips rivers of precum and is capable of doing so for extended periods, and I love to see it being licked up. By now you’re probably pretty broken in but it won’t hurt to make totally sure. Your willingness to do this will prove you’ve learned your lessons well.

    You’ll be using your tongue to gently pleasure my cock and coax its clear salty fluids to start flowing. Not too much stimulation though, because I’m not interested in busting a nut anytime soon, so no lips and no sucking. I just want long heavy streams of dick drizzle to leak out in volumous amounts and I want to see you drinking it up as it flows. At times you’ll simply lick the beads and drips as it comes out in small amounts but once it begins flowing in thick streams and hanging like a spaghetti noodle from the end of my cock it’ll be time for you to get nasty with it. Open that mouth and extend that tongue underneath that hanging cum strand and slowly rise up until you’ve collected all of it and then swallow. Stimulate me by hand stroking my balls to make more, and don’t forget to use one finger on my ass crack, you slut! Just keep stroking and waiting for the resulting slime and be ready to drink it. At times you’ll be tenderly kissing the tip of my cock to slurp it up as it rolls out. When I begin to go dry you’ll have to start using your tongue on my sack to get me aroused even more so that cum fountain will produce for you again. You won’t be stopping until you’ve had a belly full, and of course this is going to end with a finished blowjob, with you also swallowing that entire sloppy load. After a good hour or more of you drinking up my cock honey, you’ll be tired and ready for this to end and will eagerly suck me off to get it over with. Just rest, open your throat, and I’ll face fuck until I blow

  • Lesson eight! Mixed drink! Similar to the last lesson, once you’ve become a pro at milking a cock, you’ll be filling a glass from several “fountains”, and you’re going to need at least an inch of that clear liquid in the bottom of a wine glass from several different gentlemen, and then you’ll top it off with a frosting of their full jerked loads. Then....bottoms up baby! Lesson over.

    In your final lesson we’re going to unlock those lips of yours!

  • Lesson nine! You have visitors!

    You’ll be strapped in a bent forward position, unable to move, your arms firmly secured, legs secured and spread, and pussy exposed with its little lock dangling down below. You’ll be fitted with a penis shaped ball gag that will keep you nice and quiet. Lastly, you’ll have a wall sized mirror in front of you but the lighting will be very dim and poor so visibility will be limited. The key to your little lock will be hanging on a cord secured to a garter on one thigh. For several hours, men will enter the room and you will feel them use the key to unlock your little twat and proceed to fuck and cum dump in your hole while you watch in the mirror trying in vain to see who is filling you full of cock and cum, but alas, you will not be able to. Best you will see is white or black, and I can assure you there will be plenty of both. They won’t make a sound to give away any sort of identity, and they may well be people you know, or total strangers. All you will hear is the sloshing of a cock pumping your pussy as they thrust in and out, and your own muffled, breathless groans. At times they may leave the lock dangling on one lip as they stretch that hole of yours with their fat cocks. When this is over, you will have provided relief for many different cocks, and your lock and key will need replaced. No amount of cleaning will help with that mess!

    Now you are a properly trained little whore!

  • Very interesting reading and I must admit in some instances I became quite wet once or twice I masturbated for that I thank you, your fantasies are exceptional.
    One thing though Darling it is not I that need any training I am very happy with my situation and feel that I am doing a good job with Hubby being totally under my control.
    If you are reasonable and want him to be punished on your behalf let me know what you would like and I will see if it will be done.

  • This could be fun. How about this? You tell me what parts made you wet enough to masturbate and I’ll offer some suggestions for your poor poor hubby. You already know I have quite the imagination. I can have him miserably begging to cum, and he might even spontaneously cum which would be a ruined orgasm for sure.

  • Lesson one and nine Darling, in lesson one I get padlocked and I got very wet about that then masturbated thinking of it, I am now certain that I will have my vaginal lips pierced just as Paul has suggested but will ensure I have four keys two for Bill and two fro Paul, lesson nine because of being bound helpless.
    Please remember that he is not to orgasm till I unlock him and give permission I do tease him to precum after he has been shaved and cleaned but not allowed an orgasm, currently he is on 12 weeks delay, if he talks anything about being allowed to orgasm he will get a lot more.
    He is being very good about everything and is starting to like my descriptions of sex with Bill and Paul, he is wearing sexy panties, bras and nighties at home now.

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