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My wife and her best girlfriend have had a sexual relationship since school that continues, I have not minded because our sex and life is great.
Helen has convinced my wife that I should be locked in chastity and she should control the keys plus my release. Helen is coming over this afternoon for the initial locking of a cage she purchased from the internet, I am to be totally shaved and cleaned prior to the closing.
Helen has suggested that my first stint locked should be at least three weeks so I get very used to chastity, my wife has indicated that should I complain to have it removed it will certainly stay on a lot longer and if I am used to it then maybe it would not need to be opened other than for shaving and cleaning.
I think I am in a little bit of a situation here.

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  • Open relationships don’t work.

  • I think I am going to stay locked for at least four weeks but not game enough to say anything about it Mistress Helen has been over twice to inspect me and is very happy there are no complications, my wife and Mistress Helen lets me watch them make love then I have to clean both up with my tongue.

  • Dumbest fetish I think I can think of.

  • I am locked now it is quite comfortable, clear plastic with internal locking device , I certainly have been given a list of rules to follow and have been left with no illusion that Helen is the boss now, I have to refer to her as Mistress.

  • How good is that, if you complain it stays on if you don't it indicates you like it so it stays on, catch 22

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