Total humiliation

Today we had a Chastity cage locking ceremony involving my wife, her younger sister ( who will be the keyholder ) and her best friend it was just so embarrassing as I alone was naked, while the cage is comfortable and a very nice fit there is no way of release without the key as it has internal locking, I am certain this is not going to be a nice journey my keyholder just hurt pulling and squeezing my nuts through the locking ring and the best friend had a giant tug to ensure they were well in, that created tear's in my eyes after my penis was pushed through and the cage locked they were all laughing and teasing discussing how long it would be before I had release it was decided that I should not know but had better be a good boy even to the extent of being available to tongue, finger and please all present in any way other than fucking.

30 days ago

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    • Incidently I am locked in a clear plastic, internal locking cage (Holy Trainer) love the way I can see everything and feel my cock fill the cage and occasionally pressed hard but can do nothing about it, my wife brought home a strap on today and tried the dildo in me, it was so tight and painful, I am certain both Mistresses will love using that on me. Hope you like being locked Buddy.

    • Your going to have a very sore, red hot arsehole my friend

    • I’m reading this now, while wearing a cock cage, and I’m feeling envious of you.

    • Thank you I really hope you love it as much as I do. How long have you had it on ?

    • Today my Mistress advised that I am to purchase steel handcuffs and a steel leg spreader so I am pretty sure I will have my first cleaning soon, I know they will humiliate me but thats fine I really like that.

    • I think you really love being humiliated and caged. Does your wife have a fuck buddy or a few boyfriends ?

    • Yes I do like being caged and humiliated by her sister and friend, my wife has a nice young guy with a huge prick she is such a whore for him and likes getting anal and giving oral while I watch, I have to clean his car when he comes over and move into our granny flat when he wants to stay over, my wife is also looking for another fuck buddy to have a threesome with her friend.

    • Pretty good at the moment I am quite used to the cage it is very comfortable and I like it on, I have to refer to my wifes sister and friend as Mistress and had to purchase two gold chains so they could have a key each around their neck so I can only be released by one of them, when they come over I have to be naked and kneeling awaiting for whatever they want (usually to humiliate me by pulling my nuts really hard and holding my tongue tight) I can feel things may get a lot worse.

    • Keep us informed on how it’s going.

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