Just business??

I’ve been working in sales for years. High end technical solutions that cost $500k to millions. We are working on closing the biggest deal I’ve ever done. Around $30M. Will pay me almost $1M in commissions plus residuals. I’m with my team at our hotel after days with the client gathering what we need to come up with our proposal. A lady from the client comes into our meeting room. She’s nice, middle aged, lower end of the client team, not a leader but involved in the details. She asks about what we are proposing. Gives us some key intel on what we should do, how we should price, basically everything we’ll need to do to win it. Then she casually walks out of the room. I follow, exchange cell number with her and go back to my team. We reworked our proposal for the next days meeting.
An hour later I get a text.” U want to meet up for a minute?” I think she has more intel so I say sure. She says room1836.
I go. We chat. She offers wine. We go on the balcony. She smokes. Then she says “ you know why I’m doing this”. No, why? “Because I’ve been watching you all week in these meetings and all I can think is how I want that guy to phu*k me.” She’s calm. Matter of fact. Blonde, a little younger than me. Short and kind of heavy, but a nice little body and cute face. I’m married. Kids. 40ish. Never cheated although I’ve thought about it.
I try to play it cool, but honestly I’ve got very little game. I stumble for words and she says let’s go inside.
She has me sit down and ask if I want a bl-0 job. Sure. I fumble with my pants and she’s pleasantly surprised that I’m already hard. After a few minutes she gets up. Removes her skirt and top to reveal match black bra and panties. She’s hot. And so confident and cool about the whole thing. Lights stay on. I come over and immediately fall on top of her and am inside in seconds. She just says “that’s it. Keep going”. I last maybe three minutes.
Then it gets kinda weird. SHe wants to cuddle. It’s late. I want to go. SHe holds my thing and says “you want to phu*ck me in the a$&?”
O. M. G.
I’ve never done. I’ve wanted to. Wife can’t. Too tight. I’m interested again... she ask me what I like? What gets me excited? You like t or a? You like to see a girl orga8m? Would you like to watch me? Up close? Can I suck you again? She’s in complete control. Without hesitation she rolls over with her P above my face. I can smell my come. I can see her ashOle and P. She’s working her clic and sucking me. I’m at first pu off a bit but the thought of an8l and the sight in front of me has me working up in no time. Then she has an orga8m. W O W. Watching her contract. That close. The wetness the quivering. The sounds.
ANd just like that she is off the bed and bent over the desk in front of the mirror. Come here baby she says. Try to put it in she says. I dip in her p and she says not there. I say I’m getting it wet and she says just do it. SHe spreads. I see it. A perfect rosebud. I press. I spit. I rub. I look in the mirror and see her face when she pushes back and I go in. She gasps. I gasps. It’s SO tight. Is so good. She’s so hot. ANd she just watches me. I can tell she just wants me to enjoy it. It’s not about her. She ask I’d I like. Ask if I’ve ever done this. I have to say it’s awesome. Omg I love it. I pull back so I can see her little A. She whimpers. I tell her I can’t believe she’s letting me do this and I love the way it looks. She winks it She says I’m glad u do. Take ur time. Enjoy it. I repeat. In her. Out of her and looking. She gapes a little then winks closed. Again inside. Deep inside and hold it. I can feel her heat. Back out with strokes and I look down. There’s a couple of little brown specs on me and for the first time I smell her.
It just makes me hotter. And changed me. From amazed enjoyment to HAMMER THAT THING. A couple minutes later and I say here it comes. She says “inside. Deep inside! Yes! “
She wants more cuddling. I’m spent. Guilty. Clean up and go back to my room.
See her the next day at our meeting she just smiles and greets me professionally. We carry on as if nothing happened. 3weeks later in a different city we are meeting to finalize our contract. We’ve won.
She texted “rm 1214” and I’m there in 2 minutes.
Thank you LLE. Every time I see my pool I think of u. :). It’s also my wife’s favorite part of our house. If only she knew what I did to get it.

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  • Hot. Especially liked the HAMMER THAT THING moment. I get it. Sometimes it gets nasty when u get nasty ):

  • Woopy to you times must be tough in windsor castle

  • The grammar was just awful. Ruined it completely.

  • Not bad. A few typos but a good read. Believable to me too. Seemed real

  • Bullshit.

  • You are on many posts calling bullshit. It’s a fkn naughty posts site. Who are you the fkn cops?

  • I am?

  • Do you think she has not done this before and it was safe to bust raw inside her?

  • Put my semen in her vagina first. Then her rectum. No issues so far. Been a couple years

  • Great!!! My husband and I were looking for a house for over 4 years, finally we saw the one we wanted but it was still a little too high. I noticed the owner staring at me when we went to look at the house. A few days later when I knew no one was home I went back, and made him a counteroffer. He had his way with me for almost 2 hours. But we got the house

  • Do you consider yourself somewhat of a slut or a whore ?

  • Let me think about that

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