My buddy’s wife

My friend Mark and his wife Stacy had been having marital problems. One night before things got out of hand we were all supposed to go out. Mark backed out at the last minute so my wife and Stacy left in one car before Mark had canceled so I just drove myself to meet them. Little by little Stacy opened up about their troubles. While she went to the bathroom my wife said can you believe what she just told my wife. She admitted sex with Mark was very dull and plain. As we continued to drink my wife and Stacy danced together and it wasn’t long before Stacy was on the dance floor with guys she just met. My wife couldn’t really believe her but it all seemed innocent. As the night continued it was obvious to see Stacy dirty dancing and rubbing all over guys just like a stripper. My wife was ready to leave and was tryin to get Stacy to come with her.After numerous attempts my wife stated she was leaving and for me to give her a ride. I was thinking let her find a ride with one guys she’s dancing with. That thought didn’t last long because I didn’t want anything to happen to her. She came by my table and stated she was going to say goodbye to a guy she met and she would be ready.After watching her leave the entrance with this stranger I was convinced something sexual would happen. Not wanting to let this happen to my friend I decided after 20-30 min to go check on her. I couldn’t really find her in the parking lot. After searches the parking lot a few minutes more I heard low voices and moans coming from a car not far from where I’m at. I walk closer to see Stacy bent doggie and this guy pumping her from behind. This guy is pounding her good from behind... it’s obvious from her deep moans. Not really knowing what to do I try and wait it out until I finally walk straight up to them and tell her as soon as she’s finished I’m headed to my car and leaving in 5 min. She feels embarrassed she gets caught and suddenly the drunkness turns into seriousness. I wait in my car before the awkwardness sets in. She starts to tell me she hasn’t had sex in months and confesses sex with Mark is so simple. She really spilling out her guts to me. She’s telling me how so conservative Mark is in bed. She said she loves sex, lots of sex and loves it every way imaginable. By this time I’m rick hard I can feel the precum dripping down my inner thigh. I think to myself how can someone not want to fuck her every night she is freaking gorgeous. She confesses she has had the thoughts for me for years and wished we were a couple. I then confess just because it may seem like me and wife have the best sex it’s not what it seems. I tell her I almost have to beg my wife for sex on a weekly basis. Then she drops the bomb... she tells me my wife’s has flirted with guys and has left the place at times with guys when they would go out. She even goes on to to tell me she had the hots for a guy named Travis. I asked her about it one night and she always said he’s married and not that way. She goes on to say they have been secretly seeing each other a while back but she’s unsure if it’s still happening. It isn’t long before I stop and pull over. Me and Stacy start making out and it isn’t long before I’m blowing my load in her mouth. Our sexual relationship has been going on for months. And I hope my wife one day if she can cheat so can I . Sex with Stacy is beyond awesome great!! Her body is so fucking hot. Maybe one day my wife will confess and so will I


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  • Had a friend who put on a tonne of weight,was down to depression and so on.What was worse was his wife was so hot and he just couldn't fuck her anymore.I feel bad about it now to be honest but I hooked up with his wife and drove her home one night and ended up screwing her.I was surprised she would do that as she was quite a decent kinda lady but I guess she really needed it.She needed it bad and it happened many more times until she called it off.

  • I would love for my wife to cheat so I could fuck other women.Or if we could agree to an open marriage.It would kinda turn me on knowing she was at some guys house getting cock but it also gets me hard thinking about all the women I could easily fuck.

  • You and your wife are made for each other.

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