Want my wife to start whoring :

We have been together for over 20 years and have had many men in our lives sexually. Five (5) is the correct number of men we have had sex with intimate sex . Long term threesome with very much younger male .

Now due to financial hardships would like her to begin selling her body . But she is telling me she is much heavier than she was when this occurred . Now she in her words is old and fat !

Because she has so many unique qualities don't think she would be unwanted . Her unique qualities are listed below :
1. Never had children her vagina is Extremely tight
2. She in her 60's but look like she is her late 30's
3. Huge tits 38 DD
4. Nipples very unique small less than the size of a quarter
5. Constantly exercising her vaginal muscles no lube no entry
6. Tattoos in very special places naughty places

But after all we have done together now she wouldn't even consider doing it again . She could make more money due to all her unique traits on repeat business only .

How do I get her back to doing what she has done but now for money ?

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  • She is not truly old and fat, but even if she was, there is a market for every body type, everyone has different turn ons and fetishes.

  • Uhhhhh..... a guy will gladly pay to bang her. hell some might pay extra for her "unique traits" as you put it. I've got a hot sexy women at home, but she has ZERO sex drive. I'm close to cheating and paying for it wouldn't be out of the question. How about sending some pics and let us tribute her through the pics and tell her what we think and how much wed pay for some fun?

  • Let’s talk

  • Here is my emailscottiereeves1313@gmail.com address let’s talk

  • I have a hot wife that guys have tributed, it’s hot to see the results from the guys.

  • Good idea sent email address you want pics sent too

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