Showing off the redhead

No real idea where to put this, since for many years I assumed my odd desires were something unique to me.
You see, I have a very beautiful wife, married a dozen years. She has close to a perfect figure, and is a natural redhead. One of this with every color of hair there is in it, both up and down below.
My kink is, I like to expose her. She knows about that now, but for a long time she didn't.
I tried encouraging her to wear more revealing clothing but she wasn't really catching onto my kink, and I was too embarrassed about it to come flat out and tell her. She did go braless a few times, and at least twice a guy got a peek at a nipple, but that was it.
One day I suggested maybe she would like a massage, after watching how a few went on the internet. She asked me why, so I showed her a really naughty one that was all just touch but exposed everything.
She asked me if I really wanted her to do something like that, I told her I did and I wanted to watch. It took me almost a year of calling therapists and getting hung up on or called names before This guy named Jon agreed to do the deed.
That was amazing, he started out with her fully draped and over two long hours exposed more and more of her until she was lying there on her back, legs splayed widely. The, Jon surprised me, he leaned in and began to lick her pussy, which was very swollen by then. The other surprise is she let him, her eyes squeezed shut as she had several orgasms. Then Jon stood up, somehow his dick was out and it was in her so fast I barely got my mouth open. He was at least twice my average size! When she lifted her hips to take him deep, I sat back down.
Everything is different now, she no longer even owns panties. No bras either and her tops are so low cut her nipples are often on display. Word has gotten around, at parties sometimes a guy will walk up to her and ask to see her beaver, and she will hike up her skirt to show them, She has also now been with lots of other men, always looking for guys with huge dicks like that Jon guy had. This has kind of gotten away from me and I don't know what to do about it.

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