Best Friend and I Nail the Ex-Wife

My best friend, let's call Him Dave, and I have known each other since we were kids. We grew up together, went to school together, were best man at each other's weddings and have been close all of our lives.

We're in our early 40s now and we've both been divorced, him twice and me once. We got this crazy idea that we should Spit Roast some slut together and we became obsessed with the idea but found it hard to find a female 'volunteer'. Every time one of us suggested it to a woman they'd freak out and it became a running gag with us. We'd suggest it to them just to watch them freak out.

Then I hit on the idea of my ex-wife. She's always loved to fuck and she gets incredibly horny after a few drinks. She said it just relaxes her but it's more than that - she goes nuts. We were married for 6 years and we had an amicable divorce and we probably have sex more often now, after we were divorced than when we were married.

Dave and his first wife and us used to love playing cards and sometimes we'd end our car nights with a game of strip poker just for laughs. It was just a bit of fun and we always stopped when we got down to our underwear.

The plan was to get the ex over, get her a bit drunk, suggest a game of strip poker, like old times, and just see how it went from there. Strip poker always turned her on and we always used to fuck like crazy after a game of strip poker.

It all went according to plan and we ended up lying on the floor drinking vodka shots, her in bra and panties and Dave and I in our boxer shorts. She was pretty drunk by then and kept making jokes about Dave having a 'stiffy.'

But then Dave forgot the plan and came straight out and asked her if she would let us Spit Roast her. He'd had too much to drink himself the idiot. She laughed and said no, but Dave and I just kept trying to talk her into it and she was no, no, no and laughing, then she suddenly said.

"I know I'm gonna regret this in the morning."

And Dave and I almost fell over except we were already on the floor. She made out like she had no choice but I knew she loved it. She swallowed more of my cock than she ever had while Dave was doing her doggy at the other end and she even spun around so we could change holes. She let us both cum in her mouth too and she only let me do that when she was really turned on.

It was really strange watching Dave fucking her, especially when she was sucking my cock at the same time. It felt strange too, seeing her being Spit Roasted like some slut. And it was strange realizing that she was actually enjoying it. The whole thing was strange.

She was really embarrassed afterwards and left pretty abruptly. I've asked her a few times if she'd do it again but she always says that was definitely a one off thing.

I feel a bit bad about it now but I still can't exactly see her as a victim but I do feel bad about using my ex-wife that way. I mean I still like her and it seems a bit wrong to me at times. Hence the confession.


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  • That's pretty awesome. My buddy and I have talked about tag teaming either of our wives, but unfortunately it's never going to happen. Good sluts are hard to come by.

  • Hot just the same

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