Running to wifes old fwb

Let me first preface this by when I met my wife we agreed to be friends with benefits -- in other works I knew she had other men she was seeing for sex. I also learned through her roommate that my wife had a history of having at least one threesome with another guy and his roommate. She had also admitted to seeing one other guy. When we were first dating she had just come through a nasty divorce from a controlling husband who she had been dating since sophomore year in high school and she had 2 kids by him. I later learned that he would make her perform sex acts as some of his closest friends watched and later learned she had played on occasion with one (hand play) in the hot tub and Im sure there was more -- and another she slept with while husband was away. Also while we were dating I had met the two roommates and was pretty sure they were the two who shared her but she didnt disclose until we had become married a year later.
Now fast forward about 8 years I decided to go out to a local bar and ran into one of the guys at the bar (the Dave roommate), he recognized me and knew my wife and I had gotten married. We chatted a bit and had a few drinks down when we started talking about my wife. My wife had went through a wild phase and I knew it and so did he, for some reason we got in the topic of the night she and I met, I made a comment that I was shocked when he urged her to leave with me and she didnt end up going but he pushed her to art least give her number and kiss me. I told him I knew she admitted she had slept with both him and his roommate both before the bar and him after the bar that night. He laughed and said she was always wild and adventuresome. As we talked he also told me of her wilder times and disclosed that on one such night they were leaving the bar and had to drive past an adult store, the primary guy she was seeing pulled in and said they were going to buy her something, he disclosed that they got ehr some lingerie and a toy as well as some flavored body lubes. He said when they got home she put on the outfit then did a sexy drunken strip tease and the primary guy she had been seeing (Brad) videoed it. Dave also admitted they kept seeing my wife Kate for several months after she and I were dating I also had told him we were friends with benefits for a long time before we started dating and we were pretty open that we could be with other people during that time. At this point Dave confessed he had taken her out without Brad a few times and on one occasion when Brad was out of town they ran into his friend Mark. He said that before they went to the bar he had hooked up with Kate and they had watched her strip tease video as foreplay. When they got back to their place Dave and Kate were making out and Mark was watching some tv and then at some point pushed the video tape in only to see Kate dancing around in her lingerie and stripping on video. He said Kate was quite drunk and that they had been messing around under the blanket and she was embarassed yet didnt protest too hard to being seen. It got to the point where Kate was giving Dave oral on the video and Mark said can I see you do that? To which Kate obliged and it ended up being a sharing session with Dave and Mark. Dave said that mark was engaged at teh time of this night out. The next snippet happened and it was about 4 months later, He said Kate continued seeing him and Brad on occasion and it was growing less and less, then he heard that I was transferred out of state for work, Kate started seeing them a little more regular. He knew she was engaged to me and still playing. Mark was getting married soon and Dave was his best man, he said Mark said he wanted Kate to dance for his rather small bachelor party, only 4-5 of his closest friends. He said he asked Kate and she said no, they offered to pay her, she siad no. Then they explained it was only stripping and showing off and she didnt have to do anything other than tease and she would just stop at topless if she wished. He said he knew they had lost total control of her when she was that tough to talk into it. Finally she agreed because it would buy her out of her lease and she could move down with me (I lived 13 hours away) at anytime by this point. The weekend before they had gone to pick out a few outfits for her some for her to wear for me some for her to wear for them and one for the party. They held the party at a hotel where they rented a suite, and Kate was brought there earlier before the guys got there from bar hopping. She was left with a bottle of wine and Brad to keep her company so he kept her glass full. There was speculation she messed around with Brad before the rest got there but no one cared. Not let me say when I was dating her Kate kept trimmed to a wide landing strip. Well from what I understand according to Dave the request was she be totally shaved for the party and she obliged. The first time I saw her shaved was when I came back for our wedding so this had to be within 3 weeks of our wedding. Brad told me that she went and did the dance and was pretty tipsy and the groom at one point kissed her and started rubbing on her mound and she let things go to the point she went down on him. Then with the guys cheering her on (5 now plus Brad) she told brad she was going to be the last he had as a single man. Brad was drunk and worked up and went for it. Now Dave told me that Brad was handed a condom by one of the other guys and Kate said "no I want to feel you because I'm getting married soon weeks too" Mark dove right in he started taking her missionary then they turned to doggy with others looking on and pretty soon she reached up and grabbed one of the others and started rubbing then giving oral. Dave said about halfway in she declared you're next turning to him and pretty soon she was servicing all of the guys. She told them all they could finish in her or on her but they had to finish. After she took care of the guys she ended up going into the bedroom of the suite and passing out Dave said that Mark joined her for the night. Dave said in the morning she showered then rode back to Dave and Brads place thanked them for the night and got her cash then serviced them both one last time and said she needed to leave before she decided not to get married and that was the last they saw her. We moved back to our home town about 4 years after married and she kept that secret for 8 years. About a month after hearing the story I had her out to a dinner function for my work, we had a few drinks and my wife had several so she was tipsy, when we got home kids were at the sitter so during long foreplay I had her worked up and we started talking about it I asked several questions and she admitted it was all true and added it was her first time ever having 2 in her at the same time. She then asked if I was mad and she told me she knew she had to change after that and doing the party made her feel cheap a week later. She also said I was weird getting turned on by hearing details of how my wife because a total slut in one night. She said the desire of 6 men to take her at the same time made ehr feel ever so powerful yet to let them take her made her feel so submissive and sexy to relinquish the control to them. --- some of the more descriptive parts of this are from her account but a lot is from his as well.

4 months ago

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    • I've had sloppy seconds but never knew it. My wife likes to keep secrets but when she gets tipsy she spills the beans. She has admitted to having an affair with one of her ex's and said that more often than not she would see him during the day and then do me after I got home from work, sloppy seconds.
      She also admitted to having an affair with one of her co workers, this went on for 2 years and they would get together after work several times a week . I being the clueless husband would have sex with her after she had sex with her co worker, sloppy seconds.
      When i married her i knew she had a wild past but I didn't think she would continue her wild life. I have discovered that with her sloppy seconds is a way of life.

    • My wife says it doesn’t count as cheating if it’s with a guy she’s had sex with in the past. She’s had sex with four of her ex boyfriends since we’ve been married and is out on a date with one now. She’s so stupid, she calls it a date but he isn’t even taking her out, she’s just going to his house to spend the night. It’s more like a sleepover. She’s trying to get pregnant, so she’s been going over a lot lately.

    • We had a nosy neighbor (Bob) , a security specialist. We think he bugged our house under construction. My wife's (Lynn) old boyfriend (Jim a real loser) was over. He's crying the blues, his wife is dumping him. I had enough and go to bed. Let her deal with him. A week later Joe, a nice neighbor, says Bob said something crazy. Lynn gave some Jim guy a blowjob, then he walked back - said he was just kidding. Who kids about that? I corner Lynn, she fesses up, I should have stayed up with her. Jim was saying I have no reason to live, so I gave him a blowjob to live for, if nothing else. Now Bob's wife (Katie) is hot and we're pretty sure he doesn't trust her, we hear she's not faithful. But who can blame her. Lynn mimic Katie's southern draw to a T and they have the same pitch voice.
      Anytime we see Katie leaving all dolled up, an hour Lynn and I will have sex, Lynn pretending to be Katie.

    • When my divorced me for having an affair, I set up a camera in our bedroom beside the AC vent over the bed and the same in the master bathroom shower, both hardwired. It’s so hot watching her take it from the new men she brings to our old house.

    • I'm still not happy with the blowjob she gave she gave Jim. She gives me one every morning, she loves BJs as much as I like getting them. Said she'll never give him another one no matter how much he whines. Guess she's so conditioned it's not a big deal and she had a history with Jim.

    • Continued... we still hook up every now and again and my favorite is watching her take it from a guy at night then going over in the morning and taking sloppy seconds, and watching the recording later. What a slut.

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