Adventures in cuckolding

I was on my back with my head over the edge of the bed and Marcie my wife was on her knees above me her pussy just inches from my mouth and I was watching Carl's cock sliding in and out of her pussy and his balls were bumping against my nose and forehead with each slow stroke.
where was it that I had lost control of this wife sharing and Marcie and gained the control when we married three years ago she was still just a young girl of 19 hat had dropped out of college because her grades were to low but she was and is perfect.
I am 14 years older than her and she was working as a waitress at the time and she was so cute I first started talking to her and she was friendly but mousey wearing un attractive clothes but I could see the potential.
I was married once before and had talked my wife into being shared and we did this for over a year until she left me for another guy.
Well Marcie was easy to talk into a date and I fucked her on the first night then we had a whirlwind courtship and marriage .
when I approached her about being shared she acted like she was frightened not because she was against letting other guys fuck her but she thought she was un attractive,
I took her o a beauty parlor and then shopping and she was a beauty and when she looked into the mirror I could see the disbelief in her eyes but her smile made the cost well worth it.
We planned her first shared wife with care and to tell the truth she was very scared and nervous as David undressed her and she stood there like a statue as he undressed never once looking at his erection then he helped her up on the bed and she let him push her legs apart and Dave was less than perfect to as he was in a hurry and he stabbed his dick into her and began to wildly fuck her as she laid on her back her body rigid staring at the ceiling until he came and crawled off of her.
We watched some porn and she began to loosen up some and her second guy was a better lover and she came once then after that she gained confidence in herself and as she gained confidence she realized that she could control the meetings and soon she had me going down on her after a meeting and licking the cum off her pussy while talking and laughing with the guy as I licked her clean and the first time she asked me to suck the guys cock to get him hard so they could fuck and then she wanted me to suck the guys cock until he came and it grew now to guys have butt fucked me and I am mostly her toy now instead of the other way around Her confidence changed her whole life and now she is beautiful and dresses to show her body.
I knew what my part in this night would be When Carl was ready to cum he would pull out and I would suck his cock and swallow his cum and I could see that he was getting ready to go off at any second I could her him and Marcie talking and she has asked him if he was going to cum and he had just grunted ugh huh his cock was all slimy with her fluids now and Marcie had cum once and she was telling him to not cum in her just in my mouth then He said I am going to cum and pulled his cock out of her and I opened my mouth as Marcie crawled off of me so she could watch then he was fucking my mouth his balls slapping against my forehead rapidly as Marcie told him to shove it all into me I had deep throated guys before but never a 9 incher yet and he shoved his cock to the back of my throat and Marcie laughed excitedly and said I can see it in his throat shove more of it in and he added another inch or to and I was swallowing uncontrollably now sucking more of his cock into me and my lips were against his pubic mound and he stopped grunting and I could feel his cock pulse but I couldn't taste his cum he was Cumming in my throat Marcie was asking him if he could feel her fingers as she traced his cock bulge in my throat as he came and he grunted in response she said I can see it look at his throat god this is exciting are you Cumming ???
Dave grunted a second time and I felt his cock loose its strength and start going soft.
I was having trouble breathing and I began to struggle pushing him back and his cock slipped lifelessly out of my mouth trailing some of his cum that puddled in my eye socket.
I wondered if later she was going to have me suck him hard so he could butt fuck me like she hat told me she was going to do they had disgussed this earlier and he had agreed to do it for her.

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  • Wonderful story! made my cock feel so nice. wish I could have been there sucking cock.

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