My next-door neighbour has just recently built a man cave,so as traditions go we had an opening night party,myself my wife karla her daughter Sophia plus dave and Louise next door,it was a great night,singing,dancing,karaoke,midnight quickly came on us,karla was pissed so she came home Louise was pretty much the same so she went to bed to,dave had a bit of coke on him so when Sophia nipped to the toilet me and him had a cheeky line! She was back to soon,she caught me red handed snorting a line!! What the hell are you doing dad (she called me dad even though I was her stepfather) don't tell your mother for fucks sake,that depends! Depends on what I said,whether I can have some my cheeky 18 year old stepdaughter said! Have you tried it before I said? No but all my friends have and they said its fantastic!🤔 OK this stays in this building ok! Give her a line dave I said,I passed her the note and she sniffed away! After about 10 minutes it kicked in,she turned the music up and started dancing, she's a personal trainer so she's got an amazing body,we all start dancing,then she starts rubbing her arse into daves crotch! He grabs her ass and starts grinding into her,I could see by the look on his face what he was thinking! It's warm in here he says and takes his top off,arnt you hot Sophia? Yeah I am funny you should say,don't be shy take that dress off if you like! She undid her buttons and slipped out of her dress,she had a thong on and a lacy bra!! She continued to grind into daves crotch,his hands were all over her ass,slapping it the lot,I could then see his hand reaching under her thong,he looked at me and winked he had a couple of fingers in her pussy,she didn't seem to mind at all! Take it all off girl go on! In the blink of an eye my stepdaughter was totally naked in front of me,do you want another line dave asked her? Fuck yeah,dave made a line on the coffee table this time not the bar,it was low down!!! Sophia bent down in front of us we could see her pussy and asshole plain as day! What a sight 😍 dave took his jeans off,he's got one he'll of a cock on him,you couldn't miss it bulging through his pants,sit on the stool Sophia,she sat down her cunt on show,a nice trimmed bush,dave walked up behind her and rubbed his cock into her back,look what you've done to me Sophia and with that he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock,take it out go on,slightly embarrassed she was facing me and stroking daves cock,that's it do you like that babe! Dave spun her stool around so she was facing him,are you horny Sophia? I am she replied,dave dropped to his knees and buried his head between her legs,she was loving getting eaten out! Get on the couch,bend over! I was watching my mate just about to put his big dick in my stepdaughters cunt! He eased his cock into her! And didn't hold back,she was really groaning really loud,fucking hell Steve her cunt feels amazing!! I was so turned on,so Sophia what do think of your stepfather watching me fuck you! I think he'd like to fuck you too? Would you dad Sophia gasped out!! Suck his cock you slut! Dave pushed her over to the bar where I was,fucking hell she was gagging on my cock! Fuck her mate he said,I bent her over the stool she'd been sitting on and shoved my cock in her,she felt amazing,dave had his cock in her mouth by now,we were spitroasting my stepdaughter!! Omfg,my phone starts ringing,it's the wife,I put my finger to my lips to make the hush sign,hello luv what's up,nothing she said just tell Sophia she's up for work in the morning! OK no problem as I'm jammed up her hole !! Bye love.. we fucked her for another half hour,none of us could cum,come on I said we'd better go your up in the morning!! We walked out as if nothing happened,dave and I often talk about that night,funny the stepdaughter has never mentioned it

26 days ago

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