My wife's first other man

My wife had been a virgin when we met when she was 18. I took her virginity in the 1st week. She had a great appetite for sex and learned fast and became the best to ever suck my cock - and I'd had loads of women.
She wanted to hear about my previous experiences and would get very turned on. She only had a few stories involving boyfriends feeling her tits and just one boy had got to fingering her pussy.
We got married, and very soon had our first child. Maybe some post-natal depression but she soon started thinking a lot about what she'd missed out on by not playing around before we met. She fantasized about this in bed and liked to be blindfolded and tied while I fucked her and she would pretend I was a stranger.
Finally, she asked me if I'd let her do it for real. I was taken aback but agreed. It would be so easy to cheat anyway as I used to travel overseas for work for several weeks at a time. We planned it together, instead of a stranger, she chose a guy from her work that she knew "fancied her".
One Saturday morning, she got ready. I watched her as she prepared herself, her slim body and perky tits looking so gorgeous. She asked me if I wanted to stop her from going. I said I knew it was something she needed to do. As she went I told her to enjoy herself.
She got back the next day at about 5 am in the morning - totally ecstatic. Told me she loved me more for letting her do it. She got into bed and I went down on her fucked pussy before sliding in my cock and fucking her again. I loved that her usually tight pussy was stretched and I just slid in.
Asked whether I'd let her do it again - I said yes, but it was clear she already arranged it!
Dave fucked her for nearly 2 years. Some 30 years later she has had several more guys and we are very happily married.

Apr 20

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    • I had a hard time convincing my wife to fuck other me and when I did the first guy was one of my old high school friends his cock was huge and hurt her and made her very sore but after a few times of fucking big dick guys she loves it now and I love my wife big stretched sloppy wet pussy now I’m only 4 1/2 inch’s so she can’t even feel me now lol!

    • My wife had to persuade me. No regrets though

    • I can still remember the first time my wife went to a guy's house and fucked him.i had so many mixed feelings waiting for her to come home. Like most husband's the thoughts that were running through my mind is she enjoying herself how is he fucking her is his cock bigger than mine will she still want me or leave me for him. I was nervous excited and jealous all at the same time. And as soon as she came home the next morning she treated me with so much love and affection we made love for hours. She continued seeing him for almost 4 years until he started to become an asshole to her. She was 20 at the time and I was proud of how she handled herself with other men and always making me feel special and she made sure that she took care of my needs first before anyone else she's 42years old now and she has probably been with 40 or 50 different men and to be honest I don't think that I would have done anything different because we still have a great relationship and we are still married today and the sex with her is amazing.

    • Totally with you in the emotional feelings - except for jealousy. Why is it so exciting to have another men pumping his cum in to your wife????

    • There is no way to describe watching another man's balls jump up and down and see him blow his load in your wife's pussy or her mouth. Knowing that she is being satisfied with a bigger cock it's just so satisfying when you love them.

    • Do you lick her pussy clean too?

    • Always

    • What a lucky lady

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