House cleaning

My girlfriend and I used to clean houses for cash and one time a customer that we usually did once a month asked us how much we would charge to do it nude. My girlfriend did not even wait before telling him we would do it for an extra three hundred dollars, I was shocked at first then laughing because I knew the guy would not pay us that much but my heart missed a beat when he told us no problem and went back to another room coming back with the cash. I stood there for a moment thinking what the hell are we doing but at the same time he had never treated us badly or anything.
We stripped down and started cleaning and he was going from room to room watching us work, I walked into the upstairs bedroom and there was my friend kneeling on the floor giving him a blow job. I was standing there with a shocked look on my face for sure and she looked over at me smiling and told me he added on some more for a blow job. He looked over at me and told me he would had on another hundred for me as well if wanted to suck on him with her. I was a little hesitatent but then decided why not and we both were on either side of his cock licking and sucking on it. He had an orgasm and she was swallowing it and I just watched her doing it then for some reason reached out and began caressing her nipples. Next thing I know her and I are on the bed in a sixty nine pleasuring each other while he watched us. He got up on the bed above my head and started rubbing his cock on her and then started entering her while I was licking her clit, the whole thing was just one big sex fest as I was getting pleasured from her still. He ended up just having sex with her that time but we all had several orgasms and his house got cleaned really good.

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  • So what is it like giving it another man a blow job because I am a man and have always wondered what it is like giving a guy a blow job but I am NOT gay just a normal married man

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