I want to find someone that...

I can share my taboo sexual desires with and be open and nasty with no limits. It would be all about us having another person to get really horny with and just go crazy making each other orgasm discreetly.

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  • Discrete sex play is fun and it hurts no one

  • I agree. After marriage and kids our sexual relationship has become so few and uncertain at times. I see how guys drool at my wife and I see how the young girls at my work flirt with me. Open relationships don’t always work. It’s not that I don’t love her it’s that I need sex more and more than ever before.
    I have the desire to eat pussy almost every other day sometimes repeatedly after sex. I see how hot these young females at work are, They dress so sexy and you can’t help looking at them

  • Freak.

  • I'm a married woman and would love this.

  • No your not, your a shit ass internet troll, lying to have something even close to relevant to say.

  • I would love to have a taboo loving wife

  • You can share with me discretely

  • Would love to share with you

  • Would love to be discrete with you

  • Gay is what you are for spamming your gay ass email all over the site. Class A. Douche bag.

  • Omg your fucking weird. Take the hint man. Your acting Far to desperate and that alone is a stalker red flag

  • You can message me here if you would like and we can exchange other ways to get in touch from there.

  • Res15cue@gmail

  • I agree, i would love to share my desires in a discreet manner

  • Would love to share with discretion

  • You can surely find someone on one of those dating sites I bet

  • I would love to be that person. I also have so many desires and kinks. I have no one to share with.

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