Take it easy guys. . .

My bf and I are 19 and for his birthday he wanted me to have sex with him and a couple of his male friends. I asked if he could handle it emotionally and all of that, and he said yes, so I agreed to do it, as long as I could pick the other two guys.

When we got down to business, it was actually pretty nice--I let my bf go first, and he was good as always (I love him). While my bf fucked me, I sucked the dicks of his friends as they played with my boobs.

The problem was when I let the other two guys fuck me. They were really rough, like almost not nice. I don't know if they were acting like it was a macho competition or something, but it really wasn't that enjoyable. They were plowing away like I was a piece of meat. When I let them dp me, the guy in my ass was going so hard that it hurt, so I made them stop.

They slowed things down after I got angry, and we all got off, but fuck, that was not really that fun. Even if guys just think that a woman is a piece of ass, they should still try to act sweet and be nice and gentle. Some guys need sensitivity training. Fuck.

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  • Lot's of teen boys are like that.

  • You were a "fresh piece" and, if they were the same age as you, probably not that experienced. They were excited. It was good that you let them know your feelings, but still, they were excited.

  • I love to watch other men fuck my wife, not make love, fuck her hard, use her like a whore, hold her head with both hands when they cum in her mouth, fuck her in the ass, she's my slut, my slave and a whore for black cock.

  • 1. Your boyfriend probably watches way too much gangbang porn.
    2. Don't screw people who are not treating you with respect.
    3. You are a human being with feelings, not a paid porn star. Kick the guys in their balls when you are being mistreated.

  • Men compete in everything sweetheart. Whose luggage will come down the chute first at the airport. Who can chug a beer the fastest. Everything. Why would fucking a cute 19 y.o. be different?

  • Lol what were you expecting?

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