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I work 2nd shift. Once a week we work 10 hours instead of 8. That has me getting out of work at midnight. So the wife is already asleep. About 3 months ago, I started cheating on my wife.

Where I work there are a couple thousand there per shift. About 6 months ago we got a new girl. She was in the same group as me. We worked across from each other every day. We talked about a lot of stuff. I talked about stuff I liked and didn’t like about my relationship with my wife. Diana knew that my wife and I had sex but not as often as I wanted and that my wife wasn’t willing to do all the sexual things I wanted. So Diana asked me one night, “Would you ever suck dick?” I said, “Hmm. Just between you and me?” She said, “Of course. I’d never say anything.” I said, “I’ve had sex with men before.” She said, “Oh really? Does your wife not know?” I said, “No. Never found the right time to mention my past and she has mentioned her distaste for her men being with other men.” She said, “Did you like it? I need the details.” I said, “Yeah it was before I met Stacy. I hadn’t been with anyone in quite a while and started hanging out with an older guy that I knew from an old job. We would hang out and play games or watch movies. One night around midnight I mentioned needing to go home to take care of some ‘business’ and that’s when Rick and I started messing around.” She said, “Did you like it?” I said, “Yeah I liked it. It was dirty. Sexy. We would do basically anything.” She said, “How far did you take things?” I said, “Oh…full on sex.” She said, “So you fucked him?” I said, “Nah. Well a couple times. Mainly, he fucked me. In the shower, in the bedroom, in the living room. Hell, I sucked his dick in a movie theater.” She said, “That’s kinda hot. How often did you guys get together?” I said, “God, you’re gonna freak out.” She said, “Come on. Tell me.” I said, “Like 2-4 times a week for like 4 years.” She said, “So why are you with a woman now?” I said, “Missed seeing a beautiful woman naked. Everything about a woman. But I apparently can’t be with just one or the other. I was ok for a while but now I find myself craving cock again.”

That night I was walking out to the car. Diana caught up with me and said, “So you headed straight home?” I said, “I was actually gonna get something to eat first.” She said, “Wanna order a pizza and watch a movie at my place?” I said, “Sure thing.” And I followed her home.

We ate and had a couple beers. Then started watching a movie in the living room. She had a nice setup. 7.2.2 atmos speaker setup and a nice lg tv. She turned the lights off. She kinda snuggled up to me while the movie played. Then she reached over and started playing with my cock. I didn’t resist. I was so fucking horny. Then she unzipped my pants and took my cock out. So I leaned up and pulled my pants down. Then she leaned over and started sucking my dick. She was really going for it. I took off her top. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Then she said, “Before we go any further, I’m not like any other woman you’ve been with.” I said, “What do you mean?” She stood up. She unzipped her pants and took them down. Then she dropped her panties. There it was. A drop dead gorgeous naked woman…with a 6 inch cock hanging between her legs.

I was speechless. She said, “And here is where you make up an excuse to leave.” I said, “Or it’s where I get on my knees and suck your dick.” She stood there and I got on my knees and started sucking her dick. Then she pushed me back onto the couch and we 69d. A few minutes into it, I said, “Before either of us get too excited, I think we should stop.” She said, “Why? What’s wrong? Is it because you’re married?” I said, “What? Hell no. Because I want you to fuck me. Tonight I’d rather you cum from fucking me.”

We went into her bedroom. She got some lube and rubbed some on her cock and fingered my asshole. She pushed her cock to my asshole and then pushed it in. I was so fucking horny. I said, “Fuck me baby.” She slid it in. Balls deep. She held my hips and fucked my ass. About 10 minutes later she was moaning. It was hot and weird at the same time hearing a woman’s moan as she’s about to cum in my ass. She started to cum. I could feel her cock throb as it emptied inside me. She gave me a few more thrusts to finish. Then she sucked me off as her cum oozed out of my ass.

It’s now been a few months. We have sex at least once a week on fridays after work. More times than not it’s 2 or 3 times a week. I’m married and I love my wife. At the same time, I find myself very much enjoying having sex with a trans woman. Best of both worlds. A drop dead gorgeous woman that happens to have a cock. We have gone out on dates together. She’s even met my wife. She’s totally discreet. My wife can’t even tell that she’s trans.

1 month ago


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    • Good story, and good for you !

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