Never a virgin

I have never had sex with a virgin! My first girlfriend was a tall thin red head that had two guys before me. My second girlfriend was a short brunette and also had two guys before me. My third girlfriend only had one guy before me and my fourth girlfriend admitted to having fucked over ten guys. My fifth girlfriend who is my wife of over 40 years had two long term boyfriends before me that she fucked the first one for a year and the second for nearly two years. I believe that my wife had sex with more guys.

2 months ago

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    • Started to have sex with one many years ago but she had me stop cause was hurting to much she the only one out of about 50/60 I been with over the years

    • Most women lose their virginity at 13 these days. Usually to older guys. I haven’t been with a virgin either.

    • I have had a Virgin. Not the best experience trying so hard to get Your cock into her.
      Then there is the blood on the sheets.
      Main thing for me is that I was and always will be the first to have had her.
      Nothing can change that lovely thought!

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