First night

I was brought up in a very conservative and traditional atmosphere where even having boyfriends was frowned upon. I had my first kiss in college and proceeded till second base but that was about it, I did not go further than that as I thought it was wrong for a 'good' girl. However my family was accepting enough and after graduation, I got married to my college boyfriend who is from a different background than me in a shotgun wedding, as my parents felt that since several of my relatives knew about our relationship, it would bring shame and dishonor to my family if he ditched me or we broke up. So, on the night of our wedding, I knew that there was no point in waiting anymore, so I got to our bedroom before he did, and undressed myself, wearing only my traditional bangles, since my husband had mentioned to me once that he wanted to see me like that. My husband came in, closed the door and sat down on the bed tired. I made my way to him and when he saw me, he was astonished, but then pulled me closer by my waist.

He proceeded to lift up left hand and kiss my pit. I was like WTF but let him do what he wanted. He licked both my pits before sucking on my nipples and then kissed me in the middle of my breasts and kept on going down leaving a trail of kisses to my belly button. He inserted his tongue inside my belly button, with his hands grabbing my butt cheeks. He worked his tongue inside my belly button, sucking it real good while playing with my butt cheeks. I discovered that I was beginning to enjoy it and ran my fingers across his head. Then he pushed his finger inside me and began to explore me while his nose blew hot air inside my belly button and his tongue was busy caressing my lower belly. This really made me hot. I was so turned on. He sensed that and laid me down on the bed. He took off his pants and pushed his dick inside me. It hurt like a bitch and I screamed out uttering cuss words. and pushing my nails inside his back. This did not seem to have an effect on him though, he kept on doing what he was doing until he was finished and he came on my thigh. So this was what my first night was like. It was pretty different than what I imagined it to be but memorable nonetheless.

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