My First Time

My 1st time with another man was over 18yrs ago before there were cameras everywhere (thankfully). I was seperated from my 1st wife drunk and horny in a smalltown motel on a hot humid summer night. Yes was watching porn and it was after midnight and i decided to try to go for a swim in the outside pool. I grabbed a towel and all the lights were off and the gate had a lock but was not locked. Was covered by a brick wall and i looked around a thought no one was around. Dropped my towel and got in. After a few minutes a caught a guy staring at me in a corner. At first it scared me but i admit turned me on. I never thought about having sex with another man but he caught me at a lonely time in my life. He walked in just looking at me. I got out halfway (erect) and asked if he was going to say anything. He said no and i told him my room number which faced on open field and told him i would give him oral. And honestly thats all i was going to do. Grabbed my towel and walked back nude and opened my room door. He came in shortly after pulling his shorts down. I grabbed a condom and got on my knees in the doorway with the door open and put him in my mouth. Nice looking guy shaved and well groomed. I did not know what i was doing but he was moaning. But after a few minutes he stood me up and there was a table by the door. He bent me over it and wondered what it would feel like before (anal sex) and i spread my legs and it hurt and was very uncomfortable. He was going slow and i wanted to tell him to stop but was so turned on especially since the room door was still open. The heat from outside was in the room and we were both sweating and i think it helped him going in. I could hear it and feel it. He put his hands on my ass and then i seen his wedding ring but he started to go faster and harder and the table was starting to bang against the wall as he fucked me and i was a little worried we would wake someone up but then he grabbed me by the front and this is when i discovered the condom must have slid off because i felt him cum. It was warm and felt like something pulsating then i pulled away and grabbed a towel to wipe out. Then i masturbated in front of him as he pulled up his shorts. Some small talk then he said thanks and left. I shut the door and layed there the rest of the night thinking about it and yes masturbating to it. Was completly unplanned and i was thankfull because it was more erotic than anything. I went through blood tests for the next year and luckily nothing.

Jul 27
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    • I love this story. I liked the submission or taking it in the ass more than the physical sensation. Even sucking dick can’t compare. The only part of this story I don’t believe is when you said you’d never thought about being with a man before. I’m betting you had. Have you since?

    • Well i will say never thought i would but it turned me on

    • MmmHmmm. I deep down knew I was into it at probably 14. But denial is a powerful thing. Post but clarity was always a killer and no matter how worked up or how hard I came to gay porn or gay fantasy, I could always convince myself it didn’t mean anything. First guy I finally slept with (at almost 30) told me I was foiling myself. He told me I was gay and would eventually lose all interest in women. It was a gut punch at the time. But looking back it’s the hottest thing anyone ever said to me.

    • Yes and told the wife i have now. I do hook up with men every once in a while. I love it🔥❤️

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