Drunk wife

I'll cut to the chase,we were in our neighbours house having a party and both my wife and his had passed out drunk,help me get Louise upstairs dave asked me so we grabbed an arm each and made it to their bedroom,we put her on the bed and with the difficulty of getting her up the stairs we loosened her dress and the top half of it fell below her shoulders exposing Louise's bra! She'd had her tits done in Prague a few years earlier,shit mate I said her tits look great,have a proper look dave said and undid her bra and pulled the remainder of her dress down,what a hot body Louise had and I told dave,pity to leave her knickers on I said,take them off her then pal dave said! My hands were shaking as I tried gently to pull her knickers down,I somehow did it and I marveled at the sight of my next door neighbours wife naked infront of me,Louise stirred so we pulled the bedsheets over her,id love to fuck Louise I told dave as we walked downstairs,it was my wifes turn now, we again grabbed an arm each and made our way to our house,it was a carbon copy getting Maria up the stairs and on to the bed but we managed it,now dave and I had shared our sex lives with one another and he knew Maria liked it up the arse,you've got to show me her arsehole Wayne he said,I smirked at him and unbuttoned her jeans,we pulled a leg each and her knickers came off with them ,finally I get to see her hairy pussy dave said laughing , he parted her legs admiring the view, wow look at that giggling under his breath, he turned to me smiling then felt Maria's pussy hair,you'll wake her up mate! I don't think so Wayne, his fingers found her hole and he pushed a couple into her, she didn't even flinch see mate ! Would it be crazy to ask you if I can fuck her ! You're on your own if she wakes up I said,dave undid his jeans getting out his cock, I couldn't believe this was happening, gently he pushed inside Maria and fucked her! I can't believe im fucking your wife he grinned! Maria grunted then opened her eyes to see dave standing between her legs fucking her! Looking totally confused she slurred what's going on? I'm fucking you Maria dave told her! She came to her senses and stared at me and Wayne let you? Ask him yourself! Did you Maria asked? Well I suppose so babe, arhh fuck my wife then gasped looking back to dave, shit that's a big dick! You like it there Maria? Yeah just there god yeah she moaned out! Dave pulled his cock out and came over my wifes stomach! Now leave me in peace she said rolling over telling us to turn the light off on our way out.

Feb 22

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    • My husband will drink tell he pass's out. He passes out on the back deck last summer. I let the gay neighbor suck his cock. He looked like a kid in a candy store sucking on it. Next time my husband drinks and pass's out like that I'm going ask my neighbor if he would like to fuck me. (I got condoms)


    • You are the type of neighbor I would love to have as a friend. Letting your mate fuck your wife and she was ok with it. Hopefully he returned the favor and you got to fuck his wife. Her tits sound amazing.... was her pussy as great?

    • My husband had a very good friend visit that we hadn't seen in awhile. We had dinner, sat around and drank and reminisced about old times.
      Then hubby said he just wasn't as young anymore and said he was going to the bedroom and pass out, which is exactly what he did.
      His buddy and I cleaned up a little and I showed him the guest room and where everything was. His innocent flirting changed to pretty strong actions as he kissed me a few times and felt me up. I kept telling him to behave, but he told me that he had wanted me for years.
      I slipped away from him and went to the bathroom to change. Should have locked the door cause there he was in all his naked glory, must admit that his cock wasn't as fat as my husband's but it was longer and stiffer. I told him to behave and unfortunately I brushed against him as I went to the bedroom. I thought I was safe and settled in.
      I'd just started to get into that comfortable dream stage when I felt something poking between my legs. Almost involuntarily I wiggled my butt against this force. It wasn't very long and and I had something in my pussy, I'd thought that it was my husband at first but he was in front of me. Then it hit me, Nevin was in bed and doing me. Turned my head to say something, but he sushed me, put his hands on boobs and gave me a sexy slow fucking. Now I am highly aroused, who wouldn't, trying to be quiet but enjoying it so much that I had 2 orgasms before he finished, and then took him back to the guest room as he gotten me all worked up and didn't have to worry about waking up hubby.
      Would I do it again, yes under similar circumstances.
      Would I tell the husband, no why hurt his feelings.

    • Had a similar experience. Hubby passed out and his friend followed me around like a puppy.
      I finally asked him if he wanted to have sex with me. I don't know what he thought he was doing by following me around but when I asked him that he blushed and stammered.

    • Did he fuck you or not?

    • I definitely enjoy when my friend and his wife Lisa invites us or sometimes just me over. They both get so drunk they don’t remember anything. I have sex with Lisa and during the whole time she thinks I’m her hubby

    • My friend fucks my wife all the time when she blacks out. If she doesn't like it she shouldn't be a black out drunk.

    • My wife blacked out and my friend and I fucked her. She would never have sex with another guy but little does she know she got dicked by him.

    • I wish my husband did that to me... on occasion

    • Makes me wonder what my husband does to me when I pass out

    • Does the thought of another guy fucking you excite you?

    • Are you hot?

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