Fountain of youth

I was at a bar at about 25 years old. One of the bar chicks I would talk to whenever I went there had a beautiful complexion and looked fairly younger than her age of 45. I asked her what her secret was and she jokingly laughed and said semen on her face twice a week. We laughed and moved on to other conversations. It was about 1 hour to closing time and I was getting ready to leave when she walked over and told me to stick around and give her a ride home. So I waited, had another drink and finally it was time to go.

I gave her a ride to her apartment, stopped in front of her place and she invited me up for one last drink with her before I go. We went upstairs, she served the drinks and went to put some pajamas on. When she came back she had her hair back away from her face in a ponytail, wearing a t-shirt and pajamas bottoms. She walked over to me grabbed my hands and stood me up. She led me to the end of the couch and said to me "you stand there I'll lie here and I want you to shoot your cum on my face". I was young and single but not stupid. She laid down on the couch and resting her head on the arm rest. I dropped my pants and my underwear and followed orders like a good soldier. She encouraged me by allowing me to put my balls and my dick on her face. After a few minutes I told her I was ready to cum. I aimed for her forehead and nose. I fired 3 strong streams and kept jerking off to get it all out and on her face. When I was finished she began to rub it all over her face and neck. I sat down on the couch next to her and watched her completely amazed of what just happened. She asked how long for me to recover and do it again. I was sure I could be ready in 5 to 10 minutes. We finished our drinks and she told me she would help me out and began to give me head. When I was good and hard she laid down again I got up and jerked and jizzed on her face again. 30 minutes later we did it one more time and truthfully not too much just came out but enough for her to rub it on her face.

I continued going to the bar waiting for her to ask for ride home, but she didn't. It wasn't until about a month after that she asked for the ride. On the way to her place I asked her why she waited so long to ask for a ride again. She told me she wanted me to stock up in anticipation of cumming on her face again. She really knew what she was doing because that first cum was strong and awesome. We never had sex we never made out, she just wanted my cum on her face. It went on for about 6 months. MySexFilledLife.

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  • Really? Like that she’s going to allow some stranger come in and shoot a load on her face?
    I smell total bullshitt!

  • Not a complete stranger, I'd been going to that bar for over a year, before this happened. She and I had been friendly for some time. And I understand you might think it's b*******, but you know people have one night stands with strangers all the time. Why would this be so difficult to believe. But we are all allowed out own opinion.

  • Couldn't you have asked to stick your cock in her pussy and fuck her then pull out

  • She didn't want to fuck. Her kink was getting it on her face only.

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