Many guys some time or another will take photos of there wives , and sometimes you may take risque ones , I used to take photos with a 35 mm camera, and take the film in to the local camera shop to be developed , whereupon they would send the film away , A few days later you could pick your photos up from the shop , One such time I picked the photos up but did not look at them until I got home , Then i sat down with my wife to look at them . I was charged for all 36 photos , But when I looked through them I was 7 short , So I checked the negatives and all the photos came out clear , The seven that was missing was all of my wife , I went back to the shop to complain about the missing photos , They was sealed when they was delivered to the shop , so they didn't know what happened to the photos , After going back and forward trying to figure out what happened , all they would do is replace the missing photos , They admitted more than likely somebody stole the photos while in transit , Now this bothered us due to somebody out there was looking at photos of my wife , What they wanted them for I don't know . I have the copys in front of me now, they consist of my wife in a really short black mini
Skirt , showing her stockings with high heels on in a low cut top , Also one in her bra , One his showing her knickers , But the one that is bad she has her legs open showning her knickers topless on a stool . Has any one else been in the same situation , Or are you the one that would take somebody's photos ,Why

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  • My wifes first husband has pictures of her with other men, mostly black, he's posted some online.

  • Only done it twice, both times it was the same place. I called first to see if they would develop them. They do the work at that branch, and so far so good. My wife and I went in a month or so later to get some things, When we walked in and the guy saw my wife, the look on his face was perfect, you new he realizes that's her

  • Took a bunch of skin-baring, near-naked shots of my hot older sister and had them developed at the same place all the time, with no problems or, really, mention, of them. Then, the place stopped doing photos and I had to go to a chain store. Got away with that 2-3 times, then one day, had some asshole manager tell me "We don't process porn". Which I said, fine..Then I want reimbursement for my film that you opened up to look at what was on there, ruining whatever ELSE I took pics of.

    We argued for a few minutes, then he gave in, handing me a 3-roll box of 35mm film, which I ended up never using b/c switched to digital.

  • I dated a guy in high school that worked in one of those 1 hour foto mat stands. We used to get high and fuck and look at all the pictures.

  • "The seven that was missing was all of my wife"....... great grammar

  • That's just the product of all the race mixing with the n_i_gg_e_r_s that's been permitted over generations. Dude talks & writes like the ghetto.

  • Yes there is a central processing company. We often went thru them to pick out the best

  • When I was young and naive, I had a girlfriend that liked to show off. One time we went to visit some friends, and she wore a very short mini skirt with no underwear. She posed for my pictures witting on a wall with her legs open, and other shots. I shot up my whole roll of 35mm. I took them in to my local film developing shop and turned them in. When I went back, a sleasy old man behind the counter told me that my film has been lost. I got mad, knowing he took them, but my girlfriend said, not to worry, we would take more.

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