Im 41 and a virgin

Probably because i have zero confidence because i also have a 3 inch penis.

having said all that i dont really care. im happy masturbating and probably want to suck a cock more that have sex with a woman.


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  • One thing: go get yourself a man! Usually there is someone or something out that you can do where p*nis size doesn't matter!

  • Dude, once you slide your 3-incher into a nice warm, well groomed pussy and give it a few strokes, you'll take back that "...probably want to suck cock more than have sex with a woman" nonsense. Go get a hooker and get it done.

  • My husband is 3 inches and he's fabulous at making me cum

  • If you don't mind going gay then why are you still a virgin. Lots of dudes are into litter peckers. I think this may be more "any port in a storm" feeling than actually wanting dick. If you want a women just get a whore.

  • If you just want to have sex, buy yourself a whore. No whore will care how small your pecker is, and going gay is not the correct solution under any circumstances. Way more men than you might think, have small penises, thats just a fact of life. I would seriously recommend you seek professional help to work on your self esteem issues, there is NO reason that you cannot find a viable female partner.

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