Sharing Wife’s Naked Pics

I have become addicted to sharing my wife’s pictures with guys online. I have started sharing her pics of her fully naked with face showing, too. It turns me on so much watching guys stroke to her on skype and have even done it in person before. I’ve let guys come over and use her dirty panties and pics and helped them get off to her. We live in Phoenix and I fantasize about exposing her to local guys all the time. Even having them post her pics in bathrooms, etc. I just can’t get enough of exposing her!

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    • When she is in the mood my wife will wear something low cut or open, She is well aware that it turns me on alot. After sometime of doing this we had a convienance store we would stop at on the way home, from a night out. It was the lash chance for someone to look her over, and she liked the two guys we would see. as time went on she showed them more and more.
      Once in a while I would stop by on my way home from work, we would talk a little and it got to be about my wife at times, They knew I knew they could look down her top and I was happy to see them look.
      It had been a short while that we had been in there and had asked about my wife and told them we both would be by soon. He then let me know that with the help from the security cameras he could see her whenever he wanted.

    • I have a few of my girlfriend that I like, what site is best to get feedback from.

    • I took some pic's of my wife while we were on vacation, a year or so later we had some work done on the house. I had to clear out a room to be worked on while my wife was at work and came upon her pic's. The guy who was working on the house was in his late 20's maybe, as I piled the thing's from the room I left some of the boxes out for me to go threw. Knowing he would be walking by I left one pic out enough that he could see her. It took a while, but he saw the picture and after I knew he did I left the room for a few minutes and came back to find the pic's out of order. Later that day she came home and was very happy with all he got done, When he looked at her you could tell he was seeing her naked, looking at her tits, pussy, all of her.The next day he got to see them again, and her, once the job was done I realized one of the pic's was gone. Good for him.

    • I want some pics, pls.

    • My wife knows I love when she wears revealing outfits when we go out, for the most part it is her leg's and chest.
      After a great night out, I told her the outfit she wore turn me on the most so far. I asked her if I could take some pictures, she was a little drunk and said ok.
      I had found a site that people from your area that you could talk about sex or whatever.
      After some time I found a guy who knew of a restaurant we went to from time to time, and had started showing him some of her pictures. He had been asking when we might go again and for a while I had told him it was hard to find the time.
      One night, she said she wanted to go and she had picked out a great outfit. Not sure if it was possible to let him know I sent him a note, I also asked him to not say anything about the pictures.
      Not long after we left I got a note back saying he would be there. He was already there when we walked in, sitting at the bar as I had told him that is what we had always done.
      After we left I got a note from him thanking me for letting him know when we were going and that her outfit was amazing.
      He said he was never really a leg man, but he became one, and her chest is so much better and in person, and had great nipples.
      He also sent me a pic of her from his phone that showed a great side view of her chest nipple and all. and one a,of her legs with a little pussy showing, and said he was too slow to get one of a straight on shot of her pussy.
      He also said he would like to meet up again, but in the mean time would jerk off to the pic's he took and would like to be able to show some friend's of his.

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