What the wife wants

I've been married to my wife for 15 years. She is very open and very honest about her sexuality. She told me when we met she told me that she has had pretty extensive sex with women. She also was honest when she told me that I'm probably near the smallest cock she's had. She said she doesn't remember everyone but she's had plenty of dick. I'm totally secure in my sexuality and I'm totally ok with my cock size or lack thereof.

So she HAS had sex with a few other men in the 15 years we have been married. I know about it and I'm totally ok with it. So about a week ago she buttered me up with a blowjob. Once I had cum, she let me have it. She said, "I kinda want to fuck a black man with a big dick." I said, "Really?" She said, "Yeah. I watch a lot of porn regarding BBC when I masturbate and I haven't been with a man with a large cock." I said, "What is the biggest?" She said, "Probably like 8 inches." I said, "How big do you want?" She immediately said, "12 inches and in my ass. Hell 2 guys one in my pussy and one to suck would be great." I said, "Do you have someone in mind?" She said, "Yep. A guy from work."

He's coming over this weekend.

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  • Sounds like she love bbc now. Would love to hear how that weekend went.

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  • It's admirable that you understand and support your wife and her sexual needs. And your story is really hot!

  • My wife wants a really good hard cock to fill her full of cum. I take these stupid blood pressure medication and now my cock won't get hard. She gave me an ultimatum the other night. Either I produce a nice hard erection or she's going to find someone who can. It made me excited but still no hard dick as of yet. Time is running out for me. I just know one evening she coming home with a pussy full of another man's jis.

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