I have a HUGE problem

I started cheating on my husband a few years ago, I know this is not a new topic and probably pretty common on this site. The problem is that my son in law caught me doing this and the next thing I know he shows up one morning after my husband went to work and told me that he has always thought I was really hot and would I have sex with him. I stood there fully realizing that if I told him no he could tell my husband and it would be divorce for me and no way to support myself. So now again you probably are thinking this is pretty common, the HUGE problem is my son in law is HUGE, his penis is so large, long and big that I can barely take it. I can not even open my mouth wide enough to give him more than just head sucking, his shaft his so large. All I could think about the first time I saw it was my daughter must be able to do this thing because she is young, I told him the last time he was over that I cannot have intercourse with him anymore because it just is not enjoyable for me, I explained that I am older and do not stretch out like I used to but he can do everything else to me and I will just suck him off. He told me I am just acting weird, all women love a huge cock and I told him if I was in my twenties his cock would be wonderful but now I just cannot take it.
So now I worry that if I do not do this for him he will still out me so I keep on letting him do it but every time is the same result, a few days of aching afterwards and a few times my husband has come home from work and wanted sex so I end up hurting again.


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  • You have to tell him it just hurts too much. it is blowjobs only. You got yourself into a dilemma, that's for sure. Does he even care about you or your daughter? He doesn't sound like a nice guy

  • A pussy doesn't stop stretching at a certain age, it's just going to take some time for your pussy to get used to taking such a big cock. Try getting a little drunk to help with the pain.

  • You are a lucky girl. Relax and enjoy. I have been cheating on my husband for years now and my lover is huge as well. My vagina has not changed and my hubby has never noticed a difference. There is nothing better than a huge man inside of you. Research shows that larger men are able to give women more and better orgasms because of the angle it places the clit. Of course he needs to know how to use it. Relax and enjoy the best feeling you will ever have.

  • I knew what you were going to say before I had read it. Of course he wanted to fuck you. I would have fucked him then turned the tables telling what he just had done like Anne Bancroft in The Graduate. Watch it. Who knows it might inspire you. Enjoyed your phony story anyway.

  • Try more lube and taking a muscle relaxant first.

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