What if men could get pregnant???

What if guys could get pregnant?? Well, if they could everyone would know what they've been doing. lol. As for me, I'd probably have about 7 or 8 kids by now. So it's a good thing we can't get knocked up. Heck, I'd probably be pregnant right now.

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  • Typical sick-minded faggot fantasy.

  • Same with me and I've just started high school.

  • In high school I didn't know about sex with boys. I didn't get my first taste of dick until I was 24. That's when I let a tranny with a nine inch dick fuck me. It was some of the best dick I ever had. I loved it so much. Now all I think about is dressing up and being a tranny just like she was. Even right now I'm thinking about ordering some sexy high heels from Ebay. Heels make me feel so sexy. I love wearing tight skirts too.

  • That's cool, I was with a guy when I was in eighth grade and he was dressed up a girl. It was so weird that he was dressed like a girl in panties and me like a boy in boy's underpants and he was the one fucking me?

  • Better yet, put a bullet through your head.

  • Accept your own homosexuality, it's obviously the reason for your offensive aggression.

  • Funny how agitated you pedophiles get when you read something you don’t agree with. As if your child lust places you on higher moral ground.

  • Funny how you leap to false accusations of pedophilia when there is no merit in anything that you say.

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