Step daughters panties

When I was married I woukd go into my step daughters room n take out a pair of her thongs n jerk off in them I got so rock hard n pre cum leaked out but when I came I shot harder n thicker then I have ever done befor my step woukd walk around house in tee n panties no bra n her tiny pink nipples sticking out n seeing out line of her thongs made my jerk off session with her thongs more pleasurable after I cum in her thongs I'd put back in her draw

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  • How old is she

    Ever seen her pussey ?

    Can you please send me a picture of her

  • I have done this since I was a kid with my step moms panties. Now I do it to my step daughters and to my wife. Just cum in their panties and let it dry. It is barely noticeable then. They have no idea that my cum is rubbing them all day long.

  • Lol my stepdad would do this when I was younger. I went snooping in his stuff not expecting to find anything and found 2 pairs of my panties covered in his cum. He would take a pair every now and then until I moved out 2 years ago. I don't think he realized I knew all this time

  • Sounds very hot n nice

  • Did it get you hot?

  • Yes I got wet...

  • Sounds like the royals in england dirty love stories all in the dirty laundry

  • How old is she?

  • At time she was 18.

  • My step daughter caught me once, now she just leaves her dirty panties in plain sight for me to take

  • Sexy n hot

  • That’s pretty low

  • Why all u haters

  • Its like "ohhhhhh shhhhhe is sooo so so forgiving an nicccccccccce to everyone" waht a new age black woman to make the turn of the century of chances of love." yeh. baawwwhahaa, I am not a believer. go die mm you go die. make history. die.

  • Punctuation is not the enemy, buddy

  • Your a prick, don't deserve a nice wife and step daughter.

  • I agree he does not deserve a wife and step daughter when I could fuck them both and spank them otk I sure they would both enjoy my cock inside them .I live in llanbradach south Wales Uk. My name is Gareth Hyde.

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