Rest Stops

I just started dating this guy and we're at that point in the relationship where we can't keep our hands off each other. We recently were coming back home from a weekend away and the drive was long, about six hours. We were making good time but started getting way hot for each other. I started giving my bf road head but he said he wanted some pussy. I was dripping for him and said that sounds good to me, so we pulled off at the next rest stop. It was late, not quite dark, but sunset.

There weren't many people at the rest stop, just a few truckers and maybe six cars. We parked towards the end of the parking lot for a little privacy. We still had to look out for people, though. I opened the door to my side of the car and lay back on the passengers seat a bit with my legs out the door, it wasn't too uncomfortable. My bf came around and got between my legs and we hooked up. He felt awesome.

My bf had just nutted in me when lo and behold a fucking cop pulls up. My shorts and panties were in the back seat of the car, so I couldn't get them on and I could feel we were in deep shit. We got cited for indecency but what the fuck is a rest stop for if you can't blow of some steam and relax? It's not like we were dogging or trying to make a scene. Whoever called the fucking cops on us is a major asshole.

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  • Sorry you got caught. I’ve had amazing fuckings at rest stops. Mostly in England, though

  • When I was a cop, we used to patrol rest stops at least once per hour, when we weren't busy shooting kneegrows. You'd probably be surprised at all the things we used to see, especially with truckers. Makes me sick just thinking about it. We never busted the heterosexuals for fucking in the rest areas, but we busted a lot of gay truckers. Funny how they all resisted arrest and we had to beat the bejesus out of them before we took them into custody. Damn I wish I was still a cop.

  • You were never a cop, just a wannabe. Just a dress up uniform fetish, licking nightsticks clean !

  • Tell us how many blowjobs you got from gay truckers or how much money you took from them not to issue an arrest. What did you make them do? The nasty stuff...we know cops do that. Nightstick in the bum? Gag them?

  • No, never got any blow jobs from them. This was over 30 years ago, when gays were considered to be disgusting subhuman degenerates. Fortunately, there were very few video cameras, so we could beat the living shit out of the sick bastards, without much fear of getting in trouble. One of my partners did ram his nightstick up a fags ass once, was quite funny, as he made the fag lick it clean after he was done.

  • I heard about how a cop that was like that was lured into a restop by a bunch of gay guys. They were able to knock him out with ether and after thst they stripped him naked, and did things to him. They took pictures of it all and mailed him copies of them and blackmailed him into quitting. He moved out of state but they found out that he was a cop again, and they mailed copies of the pictures to the new precinct commander.

  • I thought would be about truckers at rest stops...

  • I'm glad I didn't get busted back in the day.

  • He saved you from certain regret. Things get out of control quickly in places like that

  • It would have been a really hot story if the cop said if he could fuck you, no citation would be given. Or in another version your hubby had to suck the cops cock to not get the ticket. Then with his mouth full of cop cum, wife has to kiss hubby.

  • So very rude I am certain our police force would never act like that.

  • Lots of cops get pussy and blow jobs from women and men to avoid those tickets.

  • My dad in his career never once wrote a warning to a female it was a ticket. He told me he knew other cops let them skate and it burned his ass females get off the hook so much.

  • Well that what he tells you as his kid. Really think he would admit to a family member he got blowjobs or perhaps fucked women, so he would not write a ticket.

  • Great to hear the cops are doing their job

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