Wife pretended to be asleeep.

We have a close friend, a guy, he is a little bit on the nerdy side but nice and always helpful. He has helped me dig ditches, build fences, all sorts of things around our ranch and he is over to dinner with us a lot as a reward.

I have some fantasies that I have shared with my wife, she just tolerates them without any real effort to do any of them. Once at a beach I managed to talk her into sunbathing topless, which she finally did for a few minutes, much to our friend's embarrassment. Like I said, he is nerdy and very shy, has no girl friend and not much hope for one.

One night we were all drinking, I got the wife aside and suggested she go to bed, get naked and lie on the covers, and pretend to be asleep, and I would bring him in to see her.

She was just tipsy enough to giggle and go for it. So, she went in, I checked later, there she lay, naked, turned on her side. I called our friend in, he saw her and just said, "Oh!"

"Sure sure is beautiful, isn't she?" I said, he just nodded. Then she rolled over onto her back, let her legs part. He was staring now, beginning to blush but there was no way to look away.

"Go ahead and touch her, she is out and will never know." I whispered, so he actually surprised me when he stepped up and began to rub her breasts.

Then he appeared to lose control, his hand went down between her legs, he rubbed a bit, then lifted his hand which was very went.

"Wow!" He mouthed. "Go ahead, she will never know." I told him, he looked at me with lust on his face and dropped his pants. My turn to go "Wow!" because he had a root that put mine to shame.

My wife was peeking through slitted eyes, then she reached out and grabbed him, right about that point he figured it out.

That was amazing, he took her twice back to back and once again the next morning. Over breakfast, he told us thank you at least a dozen times. Now he drops by once or twice a week, we take turns with her and she is fine with it.

11 months ago

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    • Fantastic! I share my wife with my best friend and it's incredible. I love hearing about her fun after they have sex on their own, but the best thing in the world is either being there watching them together or full on threesomes where she takes us both on at the same time. I swear, I enjoy watching her orgasm on his cock while he's filling her pussy with his cum even more than they enjoy doing it.

    • That’s awesome, my friend Chris took my wife and I in after being evicted, and we had no job. After a few months me and Sandra came up with a way to thank him, and that was with sex. We’ve never seen him with a women. So Sandra said to leave for awhile so they could get it on. Sometimes we have threesomes and sometimes it’s just the two of them alone.

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