New clothes

I’m a 58 year old male.
I just convinced a lady that I work with to sell me her blouses, skirts, and dresses that she would get rid of this year. She always changes her wardrobe every year and I finally convinced her to sell them to me instead of taking them to a thrift store.
She knew that I dressed up but didn’t want to see it.
I can’t wear her panties or bras but I will be happy and able to wear her clothes.

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  • Quit trying to be something you’re not

  • I realize you are old, but it's never to late to seek professional help for your mental issues. I can't imagine how much embarrassment and shame you must feel, knowing that people actually know that you are a cross dressing freek. Get help, soon.

  • So have you gotten help because of you being a freak and reading posts like this? Seek help to save you from the embarrassment of people knowing you read these posts.

  • Of course she doesn't want to see an ugly ass dude dressed in her clothes. She's being normal, you are not.

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